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Dream of keep­ing hens? Here’s how to get started…

Se­cure your gar­den It should be fully en­closed so your chick­ens can’t es­cape.

choose a coop We like the Cube chicken coop and run pen, £94.99, Feel­go­oduk, be­cause it’s great value and has a lift-up lid and slide-out waste tray for easy clean­ing, a spa­cious run, two nest­ing boxes and two perches.

Stock up on the kit You’ll need a poul­try feeder and drinker, £3.49 each, both Screw­fix. You’ll also need old news­pa­pers for lin­ing the house, straw Sit­ting Bud­dha gar­den statue, £19.99, Sue Ry­der

for a nest box, dus­tex­tracted wood shav­ings for bed­ding, a bag of lay­ers pel­lets and some oys­ter shell grit, which hens need for cal­cium.

Buy your hens Visit a rep­utable breeder where you can see the hens free-rang­ing out­side and choose your ‘point of lay’ pul­lets (that are just about to be­gin lay­ing). Most start to lay eggs be­tween 22-24 weeks. Clip their wings so they can’t fly away, and trans­port them in a cat bas­ket or a card­board box with air holes. prices vary – they can cost £5-£12.50

each for com­mon breeds, and up to £40 each for more ‘de­signer’ ones.

Let them Set­tle in They may be trau­ma­tised af­ter the jour­ney, so give them peace and quiet. Keep them in their coop with food and wa­ter for a week, so they learn that it’s their home. Then, let them free-range around your gar­den. When­ever you visit them, give them some cooled cooked rice so they be­gin to love you. a roll-out fence (from £78.99 for 12m, om­let) is handy for con­tain­ing them in one area.

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