Get grease-free with bi­car­bon­ate of soda and vine­gar

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1 LEAVE IT TO SOAK Re­move any­thing from in­side the oven and pop the racks and grills to soak in a large con­tainer or sink with hot, soapy water.

2 MAKE A PASTE Rather than us­ing man-made chem­i­cals, sim­ply mix up half a cup of bi­carb with a few spoon­fuls of water to cre­ate a paste. It works won­ders at tack­ling burnt-on food.

3 COAT THE IN­SIDE Spread the home­made paste all over the in­side of the oven, avoid­ing the heat­ing el­e­ments, and rub it in to dis­solve grime. Leave it to soak in for 12 hours or longer – overnight is best.

4 SCRAPE THE SIDES Use a plas­tic spat­ula to scrape the sides down and help re­move the paste, grime and car­bon.

5 SPRAY IT All down Wipe as much of the paste off as you can and then spritz with a so­lu­tion of half vine­gar and half water.

6 wipe IT CLEAN Take a damp cloth and wipe out the re­main­ing so­davine­gar mix­ture un­til all the residue has gone. Wipe down the racks to en­sure they’re com­pletely clean and then pop back in­side.

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