Sil­hou­ette jars

Re­cy­cle glass jars and turn them into pretty can­dle­hold­ers

Style at Home (UK) - - Diy Decorations -

Takes 1hr Cost £15.99*

Clean glass jars Glass Frost­ing spray paint, £8.99, Plastikote Black card, £1.50 for a pack of eight, Hob­by­craft

Scis­sors Pen­cil Model­craft Tri­m­away Knife, £3.50 for three, Hob­by­craft Cut­ting mat Bostik all-pur­pose ad­he­sive, £2, Hob­by­craft

1 Wipe the jars and coat them with a layer of frost­ing spray paint, then leave to dry. Wrap a piece of black card around the jar and cut to size, so the ends over­lap by 1cm and it is tall enough to ac­com­mo­date your de­sign. A woodland for­est scene is a sim­ple idea to get started with, but you could do any­thing you like, from houses to snow­men. Draw your cho­sen im­age onto the card and care­fully cut it out us­ing a craft knife and mat. 2 Dab glue over the card (do this on the side with pen­cil marks so they won’t be seen on the fi­nal re­sult) and spread it out to an even layer, coat­ing all of the card. Leave for a few min­utes un­til the glue is no longer white. Wrap the card around the jar, smooth­ing it down as you go. Leave to dry com­pletely be­fore us­ing. Safety note Never leave a burn­ing candle unat­tended.

Frosted eu­ca­lyp­tus light-up gar­land, £35; wooden stag count­down cal­en­dar, £9, both The Con­tem­po­rary Home do it in just 1hr!

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