Hang­ing Yarn bobble Hats

Make these adorable woolly dec­o­ra­tions in next to no time

Style at Home (UK) - - Diy Decorations -

Takes 15mins Cost £2.30

Scis­sors & ruler Card­board tubes Coloured wool, £2.30 per ball, Hob­by­craft

1 cut a cir­cu­lar section out of the card­board tube (we used toi­let rolls) about 1.5cm high. cut 30-40 lengths of wool, about 30cm long. fold a length of wool in half and push the looped end through the in­side of the tube, then thread the two loose ends through the loop and pull tight. Push the ‘knot’ to one edge of the card. 2 con­tinue adding loops of wool all the way around un­til the card is cov­ered. Push all the cut ends of wool through the in­side of the roll then hold all the ends to­gether. Tie them to­gether tightly with an­other piece of wool to cre­ate the top of the hat. knot the ends of this piece at about 8cm above the dec­o­ra­tion to make the hang­ing loop. Trim loose ends of wool at the top to shape the pom pom.

Trim off The hang­ing Thread To Turn The bobble hat into a cute egg cosy for your christ­mas break­fast!

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