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Sea­sonal-in­spired puds for a sweet treat

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star­burst White mint choco­late ice cream Wreath

Takes 35 mins + freez­ing serves 16

600ml dou­ble cream 100ml Bac­ardi 1⁄2tsp mint ex­tract

397g con­densed milk 100g amaretti 200g Af­ter Eight mints, chopped 225g jar cock­tail cher­ries, drained TO DEC­O­RATE 400g white choco­late, cubed

8 white choco­late balls Gi­ant white choco­late stars 2tbsp mini white choco­late star sprin­kles

Ed­i­ble sil­ver star sprin­kles

1 Whip the cream un­til softly peak­ing. Stir in the Bac­ardi, mint ex­tract and con­densed milk. 2 Crum­ble in the amaretti and stir in the mints and cher­ries. Spoon into a bundt mould and freeze. 3 Melt the white choco­late in a bowl over a pan of sim­mer­ing wa­ter. Up­turn the frozen wreath onto the base of a tart tin. Driz­zle over half the melted choco­late. Stick on the white choco­late balls, gi­ant stars and mini stars. Freeze un­til needed. 4 Spread the re­main­ing melted choco­late on to the back of a tray. Chill un­til just set. Drag a large knife over the top to cre­ate curls. 5 To serve, top with sil­ver stars and choco­late curls and a sparkler.

christ­mas Bombe pud­ding

Takes 40 mins + freez­ing overnight serves 16

1 pan­doro Ital­ian sponge cake 100ml South­ern Com­fort 600ml dou­ble cream

2tsp caramel flavour­ing 50g golden caster sugar 1tsp vanilla bean paste

100g salted caramel choco­late 100g un­salted pis­ta­chios, chopped 100g stem gin­ger, chopped 300g rasp­ber­ries

200g dark choco­late, chopped 100ml dou­ble cream Ed­i­ble sil­ver star sprin­kles 75g white choco­late, chopped Holly leaves and caramels

1 Line two 15cm hemi­sphere cake tins with cling film. Cut the pan­doro cake in half across the cen­tre and scoop out the soft cen­tre. Press the cake into each pan. Driz­zle over the South­ern Com­fort. 2 Whip to­gether the cream, caramel flavour­ing, sugar and vanilla paste. Lightly fold in the caramel choco­late, pis­ta­chios, gin­ger and rasp­ber­ries. Spoon half the mix­ture into each of the cake-lined pans. Join to­gether to make a bombe. Wrap tightly with cling film and freeze overnight. 3 Re­move the tins and the cling film. Cut a thin slice off the base to stop it rolling and place on a serv­ing plate. To dec­o­rate, heat the dark choco­late and cream gently in a pan un­til smooth. Cool. Spread over the pud­ding to cover. Scat­ter with star sprin­kles, then cool com­pletely. Melt white choco­late in a bowl over a pan of sim­mer­ing wa­ter and spoon over the top. Chill be­fore serv­ing. Dec­o­rate with holly and caramels.

rasp­berry & cran­berry eggnog tri­fle

Takes 40 mins + chill­ing serves 16

300g cran­ber­ries 100g caster sugar 200g la­dyfin­gers, bro­ken into chunks 300g rasp­ber­ries

135g rasp­berry jelly, cubed 2tbsp sloe gin 250ml cran­berry with rasp­berry juice 600ml dou­ble cream 1tsp vanilla ex­tract 1⁄4tsp freshly grated nut­meg 3tbsp sherry tri­fle cream liqueur 500g vanilla cus­tard 75g ratafia bis­cuits

1 Put cran­ber­ries in a pan with the sugar. Sim­mer for 5 mins. Keep aside a few for dec­o­ra­tion. Place the la­dyfin­gers in a glass bowl. Re­serve a few rasp­ber­ries for dec­o­ra­tion and scat­ter the rest over the bis­cuits with the cran­ber­ries. 2 Dis­solve the jelly in 250ml boil­ing wa­ter. Stir in the sloe gin and juice drink. Pour the jelly over the fruit and bis­cuits in the bowl. Chill un­til set. 3 Us­ing an elec­tric mixer, whisk to­gether the cream, vanilla, nut­meg and liqueur un­til thick enough to form soft peaks. Stir in the cus­tard. Spoon half the eggnog mix­ture over the jelly, add the ratafia bis­cuits over the top, then cover with large spoon­fuls of re­main­ing eggnog. Top with cran­ber­ries and rasp­ber­ries.

choco­late Berry cheese­cake

Takes 35 mins + chill­ing serves 16

200g short­bread bis­cuits 100g but­ter, melted 100g white choco­late, chopped 100g dark choco­late

100ml dou­ble cream 2 x 280g packs full-fat soft cheese 2tsp vanilla ex­tract 250g jar cran­berry jelly

200ml black­berry and straw­berry smoothie 2tsp pow­dered gela­tine

Ic­ing sugar, to dust

1 Grease and line a 30 x 15cm rec­tan­gu­lar loose-based cake tin. Whizz the bis­cuits in a food pro­ces­sor into crumbs. Pour in the but­ter, com­bine, and press into the tin. 2 Place the choco­late into sep­a­rate bowls. Heat the cream in a pan un­til just com­ing to the boil. Pour half over each bowl of choco­late and stir un­til com­pletely melted. 3 Whisk the soft cheese and vanilla ex­tract to­gether. Di­vide be­tween the chocolates and whisk to blend. Warm the jelly in a pan un­til melted. Pour the dark choco­late mix­ture over the biscuit base, chill, then spoon over the cran­berry jelly, chill again, then top with the white choco­late mix­ture. Chill. 4 Pour the smoothie mix­ture into a pan. Sprin­kle over the gela­tine and then soak for 5 mins. Warm the smoothie, stir­ring, un­til the gela­tine has dis­solved. Cool un­til it is just start­ing to thicken, then pour over the cheese­cake. Leave to set. Dust stars on the top with ic­ing sugar and a sten­cil.

Bai­leys cof­fee ice cream cups

Takes 10 mins serves 6 12tbsp Ir­ish Cream liqueur 500ml Bai­leys ice cream 300ml freshly made es­presso cof­fee 150ml dou­ble cream Choco­late stars to dec­o­rate

1 Di­vide the Ir­ish Cream liqueur among six heat­proof glasses. Top with scoops of ice cream and pour over the hot es­presso cof­fee. Driz­zle a lit­tle dou­ble cream on top of each glass. Serve straight away with a choco­late star on top. 2 Al­ter­na­tively why not try us­ing a dif­fer­ent liqueur such as Tia Maria, brandy or whisky.

White for­est gateau

Takes 1 hr + cool­ing serves 16 450g red vel­vet cake mix 65ml veg oil 3 eggs 500g mas­car­pone 2tbsp Kirsch 284g black cherry jam 425g jar of pit­ted black cher­ries, chopped FOR THE FROST­ING 3 large egg whites 250g caster sugar Choco­late shapes to dec­o­rate

1 Pre­heat the oven to 180°C/gas 4. Grease and line five 15cm round cake tins. Make the sponge to pack in­struc­tions with oil, wa­ter and eggs. Pour into tins. Bake for 20 mins. 2 Cool the cakes. Mix the mas­car­pone and Kirsch. Sand­wich the cakes to­gether with jam, cher­ries and the mas­car­pone. 3 For the frost­ing, stir the egg whites and sugar in a bowl over a pan of sim­mer­ing wa­ter un­til the sugar has dis­solved. Re­move from the heat and whisk un­til thick. Spread over the cake. Top with choco­late.

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