give your heat­ing a spring clean

Spruce up your heat­ing

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CALL in A CHIM­NEY SWEEP Don't cut cor­ners on this - it's best to get the pro­fes­sion­als in to clean your chim­ney or flue. Visit to find a Na­tional As­so­ci­a­tion of Chim­ney Sweeps mem­ber in your area.

CLEAN Your OPEN Fire First, re­move the grate and the front bars and sweep out all the ash. Us­ing a ny­lon bris­tled brush and a so­lu­tion of wash­ing up liq­uid and warm wa­ter, scrub the hearth clean of any re­main­ing ash and soot. Fin­ish by dust­ing the surround and giv­ing it a fi­nal wipe clean.

Spruce up Your STOVE Some stoves can be tricky to empty out com­pletely due to the size of the door open­ing, so if your bud­get al­lows, in­vest in an ash vac­uum to en­sure a thor­ough clean. Once you’ve vac­u­umed it out, use a scraper or hard-bris­tled brush to re­move any burnt-on soot. Next, use a spe­cial­ist stove glass cleaner and, with news­pa­per, give the soot-cov­ered glass door a thor­ough clean. Fi­nally, wipe around the seal on the door and then clean the ex­te­rior com­pletely.

FRESHEN up Your FAUX Fire If yours is an open-gas fire, suck up any dirt or dust us­ing the hose at­tach­ment on your vac­uum cleaner. If your fire has small lava rocks, cover the hose open­ing with a length from a pair of old tights se­cured with an elas­tic band so you don’t vac­uum them up. Faux logs will need to be re­moved and gen­tly brushed clean of any dust. For gas fires with glass pan­els, wipe the glass clean us­ing a stove glass cleaner. Fi­nally, wipe down the surround us­ing a soft, damp cloth.

FIN­ISH with Your RA­DI­A­TORS Be­fore you start, make sure your heat­ing is switched off. Us­ing a long­han­dled brush, fish out all the dust bun­nies and odd socks from the back of your ra­di­a­tor. Re­peat to clean be­tween the ra­di­a­tor pan­els. Us­ing a wash­ing-up liq­uid so­lu­tion, wipe down the ex­te­rior with a sponge un­til clean.

Make sure your heat­ing will be fir­ing up next win­ter

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