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who is mar­ried to Hazel, 62, said: “The mur­ders just kept com­ing. How McIl­wrick kept go­ing I will never know.

“It all started on Fri­day, July 15, when a man was killed dur­ing a street fight in the Gor­bals. The fol­low­ing night, Mary MacLeod was bat­tered to death by her hus­band at their home in Bath Street.

“The third vi­o­lent death of the Glas­gow fair week­end took place on Sun­day, July 18, when 45-year-old Sun­day school teacher Bob Cummings col­lapsed with a dag­ger in his back a few feet from his own door­way in the Gor­bals.”

He added: “The fol­low­ing week­end, 47- year- old steel worker Joseph Cholsworth or ‘ Wee Joe’ col­lapsed in Shet­tle­ston Road. He died from a punch to the head.

“The next night, a baker died af­ter be­ing as­saulted in his flat in Pollock. That brought the death toll to five in a week. It’s no won­der McIl­wrick re­ferred to it as ‘ heat­wave mad­ness’.”

The spate of mur­ders co­in­cided with the largest and most com­plex bank raid in­ves­ti­ga­tion that a Scot­tish po­lice force had ever dealt with.

Glas­gow and Ox­ford Univer­sity grad­u­ate Andrew said: “On Wed­nes­day, July 20, a bank raid in Ibrox last­ing all of 60 sec­onds trig­gered an in­ves­ti­ga­tion which con­tin­ued for months and in­volved CID men trav­el­ling thou­sands of miles up and down the coun­try. Four men stole a bank van and made off with £ 40,000.

“As many as 200 pos­si­ble sight­ings of the cul­prits were re­ported and fol­lowed up. By Septem­ber, four ar­rests had been made and, in Jan­uary 1956, six men went on trial in the High Court.

“McIl­wrick re­ceived high praise for his work with a news re­port stat­ing, ‘ Five mur­ders and a £40,000 bank raid in the space of seven days would surely bow any or­di­nary man’.”

Andrew’s book also pays t r ibut e to Bob Colquhoun, the tee­to­taller and judo ex­per t who, while on duty dur­ing World War II, used to dis­guise him­self as a drunken sailor, mak­ing him­self an easy tar­get for mug­gers, who then got a nasty shock when they were ar­rested.

The men who helped bring Peter Manuel to jus­tice – Alex Brown, known to his col­leagues as “Faither Broon”, and Tom Goodall, “Glas­gow’s Mai­gret” – are also lauded in the book, which comes out on Septem­ber 26.

Andrew said: “I was priv­i­leged to be given ac­cess to some never-be­fore-seen case files be­long­ing to these in­cred­i­ble of­fi­cers thanks to the Glas­gow Po­lice Mu­seum, who gave me ac­cess to doc­u­ments, and the fam­i­lies of the CID chiefs, who told me anec­dotes.

“Goodall’s daugh­ter let me see his note­book, where he had taken notes and drawn di­a­grams of the Smarts’ house in Ud­dingston in the af­ter­math of the Peter Manuel mur­ders.

“Hold­ing it in my hand gave me a real aware­ness of the ter­ri­ble crimes these men had to deal with on a daily ba­sis.

“The in­spi­ra­tion for the book came f rom my friend­ship with Joe Beat­tie, who worked on the in­fa­mous Bi­ble John in­ves­ti­ga­tion.

“Af­ter lis­ten­ing to him rem­i­nisce about his time as Glas­gow’s top brass, I thought it was only fit­ting that some­thing should be writ­ten about his ca­reer and the other CID chiefs who helped keep Glas­gow safe.

“Peter Manuel and Bi­ble John, these are names that ev­ery­one knows, but what about the brave crime fight­ers who re­lent­lessly pur­sued them.

“I hope my book will en­sure these crime­busters are never for­got­ten.”

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