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1 Head­ing for the exit when no gig has been or­gan­ised (5) 4 Noel re­turned to a Trossachs loch with Star Trek’s Ni­moy (7) 8 Speaks from mem­ory re con­struc­tion ar­eas, we hear (7) 9 Sin­is­ter signs – so go­ing back to let the men in (5) 10 Some cheap robes? There must be an in­ves­ti­ga­tion (5) 11 Op­er­ate a bi­cy­cle, say, and sell goods from house to house (6) 14 In the He­brides, Odette is about to be given medicine (5) 16 Stephen, Arthur, Rex and Elvis? (5) 18 A feast for your sight? Sounds like the tower in Paris (6) 21 Move on hands and knees to see the freestyle swim­ming (5) 24 Some bingo tonight in a big bar (5) 25 Per­haps the 3:30 at Ayr can­celled? Leave in a hurry (4,3) 26 It en­ables you to lis­ten if a mur­der is be­ing ar­ranged (7) 27 Let­ters from a Tain lawyer to the spouse’s mum or dad (2-3) 1 Com­plain when an Amer­i­can sol­dier joins Royal Navy briefly (4) 2 Dis­card dam­aged items of iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and se­cu­rity (1,1,5) 3 A good bet solves the prob­lem – hit the sack (2,2,3) 4 A heavy drinker from a num­ber of Honolulu’s hostel­ries (4) 5 This UV-ab­sorb­ing layer is over us, and one is be­low Aus­tralia (5) 6 A school prin­ci­pal is in front (5) 7 Is­sue medicine when Sid turns up with UK coins, say (8) 12 Aid in­jured man from Wales (3) 13 He’s go­ing into a dive! It’s go­ing to be a sticky sit­u­a­tion (8) 15 Maybe Tolkien’s hero Le­go­las is a bit of a wastrel, fool­ishly (3) 16 Com­ing from Dakar, a chief­tain in an In­dian city (7) 17 Wow! Leon gets spin­ning with fresh fi­bre from a fleecy flock (3,4) 19 Pour out a lager for the Enigma Vari­a­tions guy (5) 20 Make a state­ment about part of the Beirut ter­ri­tory (5) 22 A small amount of Scotch whisky from a wee doc­tor be­fore noon (4) 23 We fall, be­ing up­set af­ter the learn­ers leave – not many (1,3)

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