Tory Party in­fight­ing hurts us all

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IF you had a job in trav­el­ling sales you should be mo­tor­ing round the coun­try sell­ing your wares.

If, how­ever, you sold noth­ing be­cause your com­pany car spent all its time in the head of­fice car park while you jock­eyed for the po­si­tion of chief trav­el­ling sales per­son you would most likely be fired.

Quite right too. No one wants to keep pay­ing the wages of an un­pro­duc­tive em­ployee who puts per­sonal am­bi­tion be­fore the in­ter­ests of the com­pany.

You’d think the Tory Party would un­der­stand that, be­ing the free mar­ke­teers they are.

But this is ex­actly what the Con­ser­va­tives are now do­ing in their at­tempts to rid them­selves of Theresa May – putting their per­sonal in­ter­ests be­fore ours, the peo­ple who pay them.

It’s as if the pur­suit of power has lit­er­ally gone to their heads and turned their brains to mush.

Mrs May might be a rub­bish chief ex­ec­u­tive but, look­ing round her board­room, no re­place­ment shines out. Not lazy Boris John­son in for­eign sales, smug David Davis head­ing Euro­pean mar­kets, nor plod­ding com­pany sec­re­tary An­drea Lead­som.

But that does not stop them ne­glect­ing their own jobs to po­si­tion them­selves for the top one.

If they were in the Army they would be court mar­tialled for dere­lic­tion of duty.

Brexit means Bri­tain is fac­ing the big­gest up­heaval since the Sec­ond World War. The na­tion’s econ­omy and the liveli­hoods of mil­lions de­pend on it not go­ing pear-shaped.

That is what min­is­ters should be con­cen­trat­ing on – get­ting to the top of the world trade lad­der. Not climb­ing their own ca­reer lad­ders.

Power to a politi­cian is like heroin to an ad­dict. It’s high time they put them­selves into re­hab in the na­tional in­ter­est.

Mrs May’s gov­ern­ment must pull it­self to­gether to work to­gether.

The PM may have a cold. But it is noth­ing to the cold the coun­try will catch if MPs and min­is­ters don’t knuckle down to the job in hand.

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