It’s a week of keep­ers ... & fin­ders

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THIS week we have gath­ered the moor, the pas­tures and al­lot­ments.

I’d like to think we have had every sin­gle sheep be­long­ing to Ravenseat through the pens but that’s un­likely.

It is spean­ing (wean­ing) time, when the lambs need to come off their moth­ers.

It has to be done now to give the yows time to re­cover in prepa­ra­tion for the breed­ing sea­son.

Also the tup (male) lambs are now ma­ture enough to be frisky so need to be sep­a­rated.

The gim­mer (fe­male) lambs are split into two groups, the “keep­ers” and the “shots”.

The keep­ers will stay at Ravenseat while the shots will be sold to other farm­ers to re­plen­ish their flocks.

The tup lambs are also split into keep­ers, ones that are good enough to sell as breed­ing rams, and sale stock which will go to mar­ket for meat.

The cows are now nearly due to calve and when Clive and I went to check on them there was one miss­ing.

We set off around the al­lot­ment to see where she had gone but it was like look­ing for a nee­dle in a haystack – so many dips, bumps and hol­lows in which to hide. Maybe a drone would help.

One thing we did find was a gap in the wall and we had no choice but to put it back up right away.

We had just laid the fi­nal top stones on the newly-re­paired wall when we found our miss­ing cow and her new­born calf... over on the other side!

ROCKY Re­build­ing wall

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