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Where to start with Trump? Shar­ing hate-filled Is­lam­o­pho­bic tweets from a right-wing group of Bri­tish racists. Then hav­ing a pop at Theresa May when she cor­rectly pointed out this was a pretty stupid thing to do.

The fact is we might as well kiss good­bye to any trade deal with the US while Trump is in the White House. He cur­rently wants to make a North Amer­i­can trade deal with Mex­ico and Canada last only five years! May was right to call him out but naive to rush over there to hold his hand to get a des­per­ate deal. Trump’s judg­ment is ter­ri­ble. But so was May’s. four in its man­i­festo – for each of our na­tional pa­tron saints. Surely an ex­tra day to pay trib­ute to Harry won’t wreck the econ­omy? That’s the Tories’ job after all!

Ex­perts have found a bank hol­i­day usu­ally costs £2.3bil­lion in lost eco­nomic out­put. Prince Wil­liam’s wed­ding, which was made a bank hol­i­day, gen­er­ated £107mil­lion to Lon­don’s econ­omy from tourism. A wider eco­nomic hit was soon made up.

With a weak pound and huge US in­ter­est from a royal mar­ry­ing an Amer­i­can, Harry’s wed­ding could eas­ily make money for UK PLC. And why not have a bank hol­i­day? The av­er­age for the G20 group of lead­ing na­tions is 12 a year. Eng­land and Wales get eight.

On an­other note, the mar­riage will strengthen our ties with the US. And as Harry and Meghan’s kids could be Amer­i­can, they could even run for US Pres­i­dent.

And they couldn’t do any worse than Trump.

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