Chil­dren in peril from smi­ley-faced poi­son arach­nids

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BRI­TAIN’S homes are be­ing in­vaded by thou­sands of deadly killer spi­ders with grin­ning MR HAPPY faces on their ab­domens!

And ex­perts say the Happy Face spi­der could lead to DOZENS of deaths, as their cheery mark­ings make them at­trac­tive to kid­dies.

The lethal arach­nids – Latin name therid­ion gral­la­tor – are orig­i­nally from Hawaii and are be­lieved to have trav­elled to Bri­tain in in­fested pineap­ples.

Thanks to global warm­ing, the cli­mate in Bri­tain can now sup­port the sub­trop­i­cal creepy crawlies!

Dr Hal Yule, head of bi­ol­ogy at the Univer­sity of West Lan­cashire, said: “The first re­ports of therid­ion gral­la­tor in the UK came a cou­ple of years ago near Go­dalm­ing. Since then, there have been more than 300 sight­ings.

“Thank­fully, no­body has been bit­ten yet, be­cause their venom is par­tic­u­larly po­tent.

“The fear is that, be­cause of their mark­ings, they’ll at­tract chil­dren to play with them. But there would be noth­ing happy about be­ing bit­ten by one of these bug­gers.

“The bite leads to necro­sis. The flesh lit­er­ally melts away in a gooey mush.”

Therid­ion gral­la­tor is just one of hun­dreds of species of spi­der head­ing into Bri­tain’s home this au­tumn.

One nat­u­ral­ist said: “Over 150 mil­lion are now on the march in­doors as the spi­dernest­ing sea­son starts.”

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