Cry­baby Lefties won’t ac­cept they’re losers

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THE trou­ble with lef­t­ards is that they are – on the whole – un­pleas­ant, noisy, shouty, stupid c** ts.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of c** ts on the right of pol­i­tics, but those on the left seem to take pride in be­ing wankers.

Last week the Tory Party con­fer­ence came to Manch­ester.

Why, I’ve no idea. If I was or­gan­is­ing a Tory con­fer­ence, I’d set it some­where agree­able. In a Tory seat, most likely. The last place I’d set it is amid a load chip- on- shoul­der Mancs shuf­fling round on crutches, ponc­ing spare change and cig­gies.

But any­way, the Tories came to Manch­ester. The first thing they were greeted with was a sign on a bridge read­ing “Hang the Tories”.

They even hung some ef­fi­gies un­der­neath to nod home their point. Nice. Keep it classy, eh, Manch­ester.

Win your ar­gu­ment by killing your op­po­nents, eh? Yes, a bit like fas­cism, now you men­tion it.

Some­one ac­tu­ally spent time and money mak­ing a “Hang the Tories” sign. Have you got time in your life to waste on that sort of thing? I cer­tainly haven’t.

Best of all came when posh Ja­cob Rees- Mogg came face to face with a pro­tes­tor at Manch­ester Cathe­dral. The con­ver­sa­tion went some­thing like this: Pro­tester: Shame on you Ja­cob Rees- Mogg. Tories out. Tories out. JRM: What would you like to ask me? Pro­tester: You have got dis­gust­ing views so get out of here. JRM: What do you dis­agree with me about? Pro­tester: With ev­ery­thing you have to say. Ev­ery­thing. You are a de­spi­ca­ble per­son. JRM: Well, we may dis­agree on things, but just be­cause you dis­agree with some­body doesn’t make them a bad per­son. The two are sep­a­rate. Pro­tester: Peo­ple are dy­ing. Je­sus f** k! “Peo­ple are dy­ing!” When your ar­gu­ment is shit and you are driven by dull- wit­ted, class- based hate just cry “peo­ple are dy­ing”!

When will lefties un­der­stand? We have a process for get­ting a po­lit­i­cal party “out”. It’s called an elec­tion. We had one this year. And they lost. All the shout­ing, marches spit­ting at Tories, sob­bing on so­cial me­dia and crappy ban­ners in the world won’t change that.

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