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WHEN it comes to un­der­stand­ing why men don’t re­alise unasked-for hug­ging, knee touch­ing, grop­ing and sug­ges­tive re­marks are viewed as preda­tory by women and not just a bit of fun, the 1970s has to take a lot of the blame.

A look back at the TV shows from the time – Benny Hill and On The Buses to name just two of a mul­ti­tude – pro­vide graphic ev­i­dence as to why blokes who lived through the decade and based their world view on it think they can do any­thing.

The mem­ory of unlovely, leer­ing, grop­ing mid­dle-aged men in pur­suit of women who could be their grand­daugh­ters to an up­beat sound­track has a whole new con­text to­day.

The prob­lem is a lot of peo­ple were brought up be­ing told it was all good clean fun.

To the women at the sharp end it was creepy then but had to be en­dured with a forced smile un­less they wanted to be so­cially os­tracised and la­belled frigid – there’s a 1970s word for you.

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