Im­por­tant to be on a lead

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I was pleased to read your ar­ti­cle and open poll in Tues­day’s news re­gard­ing dogs be­ing kept on leads in pub­lic places.

It is an is­sue which needs to be dis­cussed.

As a run­ner I look for traf­fic free routes to do my quicker ses­sions which in­cludes go­ing to parks and sim­i­lar pub­lic places.

On my last train­ing visit to Back­house Park I had to aban­don my ses­sion due to the amount of out of con­trol dogs there were run­ning free around the park.

As I was in the mid­dle of run­ning I was chased, barked and snapped at by three sep­a­rate dogs all of which were un-leashed and loose.

I am a dog owner my­self so I un­der­stand how im­por­tant it is for their ex­er­cise, but my ma­jor bug­bear is dogs be­ing al­lowed to run up to peo­ple.

If the own­ers have any doubt re­gard­ing their abil­ity to con­trol their dog then they should have it on a lead.

A point I raised to an owner of two husky type an­i­mals bark­ing and head­ing my way.

He did not ap­pre­ci­ate my con­cerns dis­miss­ing my point with his words of “its a free world and you should not be out run­ning”.

So many times I have been stopped mid run by a for­ward bound­ing, teeth show­ing, growl­ing dog, to be told by its ir­re­spon­si­ble owner that “its okay, he’s only play­ing”.

For­give me, but as I’m out run­ning I don’t want to play!

There are times I take my son out for a jog, what if one of these dogs fancy play­ing and take a nip at my boy’s leg?

Its a very se­ri­ous is­sue which I feel needs ad­dress­ing be­fore some­one is hurt. Michael Barker

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