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The Gi­ga­byte Aero 15X is one of the most in­ter­est­ing gam­ing lap­tops we’ve seen. It has an Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU, mak­ing it a full-blooded gam­ing ma­chine to com­pete with a high-end desk­top. It is, how­ever, just about small and light enough to be used as a por­ta­ble ev­ery­day ma­chine. Add in fan­tas­tic bat­tery life and a meaty key­board and, well, you start to won­der why you wanted an Alien­ware 15 in the first place.

Given its semi-life­style an­gle it could do with a smoother look. But we imag­ine some of you will

dis­agree. The one part we can all agree on is that the fans get a bit loud at times, but not to an ex­tent that puts us off this re­mark­able ma­chine.


Gi­ga­byte pro­duces some of the most af­ford­able gam­ing lap­tops. But the Aero 15X is not one of them. Our re­view unit has the im­pres­sive GTX 1070 GPU, 16 GB RAM, a 512GB SSD and a Core i7 CPU. It costs a wal­let-wor­ry­ing £1,999. There’s also a ver­sion with two 512GB SSDs, cost­ing £2,199.

Your other op­tion is the non-X, ver­sion of the Aero 15 (priced £1,849), which has a GTX 1060 GPU but oth­er­wise sim­i­lar spec­i­fi­ca­tions.

One point to note about the Aero 15X is that it uses a spe­cial ,Maxi-Q, ver­sion of the 1070 with lower clock speeds. It’s what lets Gi­ga­byte fit such a pow­er­ful GPU into a slim lap­top. You’ll still get a big boost over the 1060 model, but not as much as the GTX 1070 of, say, an Alien­ware 15.

The Aero 15X has a two-year war­ranty, although the bat­tery is only cov­ered for the first year.


The Gi­ga­byte Aero 15X is the sort of lap­top you could eas­ily assume does not have a desk­top-chal­leng­ing graph­ics card in­side, if it wasn’t for the rain­bow key­board back­lit and GeForce sticker. It looks se­ri­ous, but it’s far smaller and lighter than al­most all lap­tops that have GPUs of this level.

It weighs 2.1kg and is 20mm thick. That’s thin and light enough to carry around in a ruck­sack all day, ev­ery

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