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Find as many words as pos­si­ble us­ing the let­ters in the grid. Each word must use the cen­tral let­ter and at least 3 oth­ers, and let­ters may be used only once. You can­not use plu­rals, for­eign words or proper nouns, but verb forms end­ing in ‘s’ are per­mit­ted. There is one 9-let­ter word to be found.


20 Good; 25 Very Good; 30 Ex­cel­lent.


LOATHSOME ahem, ethos, hale, halo, halt, halts, ham­let, hams, hast, haste, hate, hates, heal, heals, heat, heats, helm, hems, hoes, hole, holes, holt, home, homes, hoot, hoots, hose, host, ho­tel, lash, lath, lathe, leash, loath, loathe, loth, mash, maths, mesh, moth, oath, shale, sham, shame, shoal, shoe, shoo, shoot, shot, sloth, smooth, sooth, soothe, them, those.

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