NHS needs a root and branch re­form

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AF­TER three decades work­ing in the NHS, I would not ar­gue with much that Brian Tay­lor writes in his let­ter “NHS com­mis­sion is sorely needed”.

Mr Tay­lor’s com­ments are, how­ever, a bit one-sided in that he does not men­tion users of the NHS who abuse the ser­vice by miss­ing ap­point­ments which costs £1bn a year, and wasted med­i­ca­tion which is pre­scribed but not taken, cost­ing £300m per year.

There are also the con­se­quences of life­style choices which cost the NHS £bil­lions per year, e.g. obe­sity.

NHS staff are also of­ten on the re­ceiv­ing end of abuse which does noth­ing for morale and re­ten­tion.

The NHS owes £80bn on PFI hos­pi­tals which are worth just £12bn and ser­vic­ing these con­tracts is crip­pling the hos­pi­tals con­cerned - tak­ing a ‘one-off hit’ to set­tle these con­tracts is not an op­tion.

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