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THE LI­TUR­GI­CAL com­mis­sion cre­ated by the Vat­i­can to pre­pare a Catholic Book of Com­mon Prayer for the Angli­can Or­di­nar­i­ate met in Lon­don last week.

In 2012 the Vat­i­can cre­ated the Sub­com­mis­sion on the Liturgy for the Angli­can Or­di­nar­i­ates staffed by canon law ex­perts, litur­gists, and prelates. The com­mis­sion is to sub­mit pro­pos­als in 2014 to the Con­gre­ga­tion for the Doc­trine of the Faith and the Con­gre­ga­tion for Di­vine Wor­ship on Angli­can rites for the Eucharist, mar­riage, fu­ner­als and sea­sonal prayers that are in con­for­mance to Catholic doc­trine and dis­ci­pline.

Shortly be­fore the start of the 16-18 Jan­uary meet­ing in Lon­don, Arch­bishop Sal­va­tore Cordileone of San Fran­cisco – a mem­ber of the sub­com­mis­sion – told his dioce­san news­pa­per the Catholic San Fran­cisco there was “di­ver­sity among Angli­can litur­gies. We’re try­ing to have a more uni­fied form. They can al­ways use the cur­rent form of the Ro­man Missal, but also they’ll have a more tra­di­tional form that’s Angli­can.”

Last Au­gust, Mgr Jef­frey Steen­son, Or­di­nary of the Or­di­nar­i­ate of the Chair of St Peter – the Amer­i­can branch of the Or­di­nar­i­ate – stated the liturgy now in use was the “Book of Di­vine Wor­ship Rite I”, while “those con­gre­ga­tions that pre­fer a con­tem­po­rary id­iom, the Ro­man Missal 3rd edi­tion could be used.”

How­ever, the Latin mass was not to be used in Or­di­nar­i­ate con­gre­ga­tions. Clergy who “want to learn also how to cel­e­brate” ac­cord­ing to the tra­di­tional Latin mass were “cer­tainly en­cour­aged to do so” un­der the “su­per­vi­sion of the lo­cal bishop,” Mgr Steen­son said, so as to “as­sist in those sta­ble com­mu­ni­ties that use the Ex­tra­or­di­nary Form.”

The tra­di­tional Latin Mass, (the Ex­tra­or­di­nary Form) “is not in­te­gral to the Angli­can pat­ri­mony, it is not prop­erly used in our com­mu­ni­ties,” he added.

Those el­e­ments of the Angli­can li­tur­gi­cal pat­ri­mony in­cor­po­rated into the li­tur­gi­cal life of the Or­di­nar­i­ate sought to bal­ance “two his­toric prin­ci­ples — that Chris­tian prayer and procla­ma­tion should be of­fered in the ver­nac­u­lar and that the lan­guage of wor­ship should be sacral,” Mgr Steen­son said.

Arch­bishop Cordileone said among the dif­fer­ences to be rec­on­ciled be­tween the Angli­can and Catholic litur­gies were prayers said place­ment of the pen­i­ten­tial rite be­fore the of­fer­tory in the Angli­can ser­vice and the use of “The Com­fort­able Words” re­cited by the priest or dea­con to the con­gre­ga­tion.

The Arch­bishop added that within the Angli­can Church there was a di­ver­sity of opin­ion over ques­tions con­cern­ing the di­vin­ity of Christ, sex­ual moral­ity and or­di­na­tion. “There weren’t Chris­tians who, be­fore the 1960s, didn’t be­lieve Christ was di­vine, didn’t be­lieve he rose bod­ily from the grave,” he said.

“It really wasn’t that much of an is­sue. Now that it has be­come, I think th­ese more tra­di­tion­ally minded Angli­cans lament that many of their fel­low be­liev­ers don’t hold to th­ese tra­di­tional Chris­tian be­liefs and they see that the Catholic Church is. So they want to be in union with the Catholic Church be­cause of those be­liefs but they want to re­tain their Angli­can wor­ship and spir­i­tu­al­ity.”

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