Di­ar­rhoea? Flat­u­lence? Ab­dom­i­nal Pain?

A unique bac­te­rial strain could help

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Do you fre­quently suf­fer from di­ar­rhoea or ab­dom­i­nal pain? Do you reg­u­larly feel bloated or con­sti­pated? This of­ten is caused by an ir­ri­tated bowel.

When bowel is­sues like di­ar­rhoea, bloat­ing, flat­u­lence, or ab­dom­i­nal pain ap­pear con­stantly with­out any clear rea­son, the bowel prob­a­bly is ir­ri­tated. Ex­perts also speak of an Ir­ri­tated Bowel Syn­drome. How do these com­plaints arise? Ac­cord­ing to sci­en­tists, to­day’s life­style sup­ports re­cur­rent bowel is­sues with its un­bal­anced diet, stress, and lit­tle ex­er­cise. In­fec­tions or med­i­ca­tions can fur­ther ir­ri­tate the bowel. Re­cent re­search shows that this can cause small in­juries to the in­testi­nal bar­rier. Through these in­juries, pathogens and tox­ins can en­ter the in­testi­nal wall and cause the typ­i­cal prob­lems.

Ef­fec­tive help thanks to unique Bi­fi­dobac­terium

The good news is: Ki­jimea IBS of­fers ef­fec­tive help! At the univer­sity of Mi­lan sci­en­tists un­der the guid­ance of the ac­claimed re­searcher, Pro­fes­sor S. Gugliel­metti, dis­cov­ered a unique bac­te­rial strain called B. bi­fidum MIMBB75. The strain that is ex­clu­sively con­tained in Ki­jimea IBS at­taches it­self di­rectly to the in­testi­nal wall like a plas­ter and pro­tects it from fur­ther ir­ri­ta­tions. The ef­fect: The re­turn­ing bowel com­plaints such as di­ar­rhoea, flat­u­lence, bloat­ing, and

ab­dom­i­nal pain can sub­side.

Im­pres­sive study re­sults

A clin­i­cal study with the patented strain of bi­fi­dobac­te­ria that is ex­clu­sively in­cluded in Ki­jimea IBS showed that most IBS symp­toms were sig­nif­i­cantly im­proved and that they even dis­ap­peared in some cases. Many pa­tients also saw their qual­ity of life in­crease. By the way: the re­sults of this re­search are among the most cited sci­en­tific stud­ies in IBS re­search. Ki­jimea IBS is avail­able in phar­ma­cies with­out pre­scrip­tion. There are no known side ef­fects or in­ter­ac­tions with other drugs. So, specif­i­cally ask your phar­macy for Ki­jimea IBS.

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