Five of the best: sec­ond baby pur­chases ‘P

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retty much as soon as you find out you’re ex­pect­ing again, you’re re­minded of the end­less lists of things you ‘need’” says Mum­snet ed­i­tor Sarah Crown.

“The best ad­vice from our users for the Duchess of Cam­bridge and other expectant moth­ers is to hold fire: learn from all the things you never used with your first child, and talk to other par­ents to find out what you re­ally need when you’re at­tempt­ing to tackle two. Un­sur­pris­ingly, the list is far shorter than shops would have you be­lieve.”

Here are five pur­chases that Mum­snet users rate as in­dis­pens­able.

1 Grobags

Anorak Kiss­ing Rab­bits Grobag, £32.99,

Ba­bies, once the new­born stage is over, are wrig­glier than eels: go into their rooms a few hours after bed­time and chances are you’ll find that not only have they per­formed a full-180, they’ve also re­lo­cated from one end of the cot to the other. So spare a thought for par­ents of the pre-Grobag era, whose chil­dren would end up ei­ther tan­gled and sweat­ing in a knot of blan­kets, or cov­er­less, frozen and wail­ing. Grobags are, lit­er­ally, bed­clothes in the form of bags – pop your baby in feet-first, fas­ten them up over the shoul­ders, and hey presto – tucked up safe all night.

2 Metanium nappy rash oint­ment

£3 for 30g,

Metanium is the nappy rash oint­ment that leaves all oth­ers stand­ing. Con­sis­tently voted a Mum­snet Best, this “magic cream” is the sub­ject of eu­lo­gies among grate­ful par­ents, with words such as “bril­liant” and “mir­a­cle” be­ing reg­u­larly bandied about. In the words of one grate­ful user: “Do not be with­out this cream.”

3 Fisher-Price New­born-to-Tod­dler Rocker Now £51.99, mother­

The great thing about hav­ing a sec­ond baby when your first is still at home is that child num­ber one pro­vides ontap dis­trac­tion for child num­ber two. Bouncy chairs are bril­liant any­way for sooth­ing a frac­tious child; fac­tor in the en­ter­tain­ment value of a bustling tod­dler, and hey presto: tea break for you.

4 Ca­boo NCT Close Par­ent Car­rier

£44.50, john­

Wear­ing sleep­ing ba­bies rather than hold­ing them can save hugely on faff; while your youngest sleeps, you still have the op­tion to go about your day or play with your older child, with­out mak­ing a mis­sion out of ev­ery tiny task that re­quires both hands. The ma­chine-wash­able Close Ca­boo can take ba­bies from birth (2.27kg) up to ap­prox­i­mately 15kg and its de­sign means they are held high, the best po­si­tion for de­vel­op­ing spines.

5 Phil & Teds Nav­i­ga­tor 2 buggy From £449, phi­landt­

For trans­port­ing two chil­dren of buggy age, both Mum­snet­ters and Tele­graph par­ents rate the three-wheel Phil & Teds Nav­i­ga­tor 2 buggy very highly. Its in­flat­able tyres mean it is light­weight to push even with a dou­ble load and, thanks to the po­si­tion­ing of tod­dler above baby rather than side by side, it “will still fit through any door”.

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