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Twelve years ago my hus­band and I opened an ac­count for our grand­daugh­ter on her 18th birth­day.

We put in more than £6,000. This was in both my name and hers, with de­tails of my ad­dress.

Over the years, my grand­daugh­ter has taken out sev­eral sums with­out any has­sle what­so­ever. Now there is a bal­ance of £1,954, which she wants to with­draw.

I tele­phoned the bank, TSB, nearly two months ago and was told that both my and her sig­na­ture were re­quired. The ac­count would then be closed and the cheque re­ceived within a week.

A few weeks later we still had not re­ceived a cheque, so I tele­phoned again. I was told that TSB could not dis­cuss the mat­ter as there was a mix-up in the ad­dresses. I was as­sured that this would soon be cleared up.

We tele­phoned again a month ago and were told my name was off the ac­count and only a let­ter signed by my grand­daugh­ter was needed.

This was sent. De­spite this, my grand­daugh­ter still does not have the money that is rightly hers. MAUREEN KIRBY, STAFFS

Your grand­daugh­ter then went to her lo­cal TSB branch and showed her bank card with her train pass, but was told that a pass­port was needed.

You called TSB again, and were in­formed that the ac­count was closed and a cheque had been posted. Two-and-a-half weeks later, it still hadn’t ar­rived.

TSB said that when it re­ceived your first let­ter it no­ticed a dif­fer­ent ad­dress from the one it held on its files. It then de­cided to up­date its records to en­sure that the cheque went to the cor­rect place.

How­ever, this was not done im­me­di­ately, as it should have been.

TSB has now re­leased the clos­ing bal­ance and paid £50 for the up­set and £10 for ex­penses, which you have ac­cepted.

A TSB spokesman has apol­o­gised and said the ser­vice pro­vided had not been at the level that you de­served or up to the stan­dards the bank prided it­self on. slipped in 2017. We re­gret that the changes have ad­versely af­fected the ser­vice re­ceived by some of our cus­tomers, and apol­o­gise for the frus­tra­tion that this has caused.

“Our num­ber one pri­or­ity is to en­sure our ser­vice lev­els re­turn to the stan­dard our cus­tomers ex­pect.”

It has in­vested heav­ily in its cus­tomer ser­vice teams and re­cently in­creased its head­count by 30pc. It said it could see im­prove­ments com­ing through.

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