Woman had 27 con­tact lenses in one eye

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♦ A 67-year-old woman has had 27 con­tact lenses re­moved from one eye af­ter she went to Soli­hull Hospi­tal in the West Mid­lands for cataract surgery.

In a re­port for the Bri­tish Med­i­cal Jour­nal, ex­perts from the hospi­tal said that “a bluish for­eign body” was found to be “a hard mass of 17 con­tact lenses bound to­gether by mu­cus”. Ten more were then found.

The re­port added: “The pa­tient had worn monthly dis­pos­able lenses for 35 years. She had poorer vi­sion in the right eye and deep set eyes, which might have contributed to the unusu­ally large num­ber of re­tained for­eign bod­ies.”

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