Taunt­ing ter­ror­ist shot dead with gang on seafront

The Daily Telegraph - - Barcelona Terror - By Robert Men­dick, James Crisp and Han­nah Strange in Cam­brils

THE young women ran for their lives, div­ing for cover into the Beach Point seafront bar. On the street out­side a ter­ror­ist, seem­ingly with a sui­cide belt strapped to his chest and wield­ing a knife, saun­tered past. Po­lice were tak­ing pot shots at him.

Fitzroy Davies, a judo in­struc­tor from Wolver­hamp­ton, who had been en­joy­ing a meal in the bar, pulled out his mo­bile phone and in­stinc­tively be­gan film­ing what he would later de­scribe as a “hor­ror movie”.

About a minute ear­lier and 400 yards away, a po­lice of­fi­cer, who some eye­wit­nesses said was a woman, had shot dead four of the ji­hadist’s ac­com­plices de­spite be­ing out­num­bered by them, in a re­mark­able act of brav­ery.

Last night, sev­eral re­ports cited po­lice as con­firm­ing that one of those shot dead in Cam­brils was 17-year-old Moussa Ouk­abir, the prime sus­pect in the Barcelona mas­sacre. Amid a con­fused re­sponse, how­ever, a se­nior of­fi­cer later cau­tioned he could still be alive and at large.

Cat­alo­nia’s re­gional po­lice also said that ter­ror sus­pects Said Aal­laa, 18, and Mo­hamed Hy­chami, 24, had been shot dead in Cam­brils along­side two others.

Four other sus­pects were in cus­tody. Po­lice were still search­ing for Younes Abouyaaqoub, aged 22, last night.

French of­fi­cials were look­ing for a van rented by the ter­ror sus­pects that may have crossed the border into France.

At the be­gin­ning of the 64-sec­ond video, four gun shots can be heard and the ter­ror­ist col­lapses to the ground. The at­tacker stag­gers back up, ig­nor­ing the po­lice shouts to get back down. At one point he be­gins laugh­ing at them and taunt­ing them. A fur­ther six shots can be heard be­fore the at­tacker fi­nally falls to the ground a sec­ond time. His death yes­ter­day brought to an end the ter­ror­ist at­tack on the sea­side re­sort of Cam­brils.

The in­ci­dent at Cam­brils, 60 miles south of Barcelona, be­gan at 1.30am lo­cal time when an Audi A3 car was seen speed­ing into the town.

In­side the car were five ji­hadists. Strapped to their waists were fake sui­cide belts; they were armed with ma­chetes, axes and knives.

The car reached the seafront prom­e­nade be­sides the Cam­brils Yacht Club, where po­lice had been sta­tioned to guard tourists at the bars and restau­rants that line the strip.

The Audi ploughed into pedes­tri­ans, in­jur­ing up to four peo­ple. The car then tried to mount a kerb but in do­ing so flipped into the air and landed on its roof. One re­port said it had first col­lided with a po­lice car be­fore ca­reer­ing out of con­trol. The ter­ror­ists crawled out the car, bran­dish­ing their weapons. One of­fi­cer from the po­lice car suf­fered a bro­ken leg and a head wound. His col­league, re­act­ing with light­ning speed, pulled out her pis­tol and shot four of the ter­ror­ists dead. The of­fi­cer was last night be­ing called a hero. “To kill four peo­ple, even if you are a pro­fes­sional, is not easy to di­gest,” said Josep Luis Trap­ero, a Cata­lan po­lice chief. The fifth at­tacker – cap­tured on Fitzroy Davies’s cam­era phone – fled the scene. He stabbed a 63-year-old woman from Zaragoza in the neck, who later died from her in­juries. Two fam­ily mem­bers were also in­jured be­fore of­fi­cers in plain clothes caught up with him.

Mr Davies, who had been at a train­ing camp with eight other judo coaches, recorded the events as they

un­folded. He said: “We were at the beach bar hav­ing some­thing to eat when some girls ran in with fear on their faces and I saw peo­ple run­ning down the street. I got up and saw a guy stand­ing on the grass about 25ft away. He had some­thing that looked sil­very over his body which could have been a sui­cide vest and was hold­ing some­thing.

“Around 30 sec­onds later four of­fi­cers jumped out of a car and came be­tween me and him. They had their guns drawn and were shout­ing at the guy; that is when I knew this was for real. The next thing there were about 10 shots, crack, crack, crack, like a pop gun and he fell to the ground, but two sec­onds later he stood back up again and stepped over a fence on to the street and came at the po­lice.”

He added: “They were back­ing off and he was smil­ing as he charged to­wards them. He was be­hav­ing strangely like he was on drugs, rant­ing and rav­ing as he went up and down the street. Then they fired again and he fell. This time he stayed down.”

Mr Davies likened the scene to “a hor­ror film”, adding: “Par­tic­u­larly when he jumped back up after be­ing shot and started laugh­ing at the po­lice. I can’t get that out of my mind.”

Po­lice in Cam­brils said they could not be cer­tain whether the at­tack­ers had come from out­side the beach town or had a base there.

‘There were about 10 shots, crack, crack, crack, and he fell to the ground, but two sec­onds later he stood back

3 Plain clothes po­lice of­fi­cers shoot at the sus­pect as he con­tin­ues to laugh at them

1 Fitzroy Davies be­gins film­ing as peo­ple dive for cover; the ter­ror­ist is at the far side of the road

4 The ter­ror­ist is ly­ing on the road hav­ing be­ing gunned down – the last of the five ji­hadists to be shot

2 The ter­ror­ist, with what looks like a sui­cide belt, taunts po­lice as they close in on him; shots are heard

The ter­ror­ists’ car hit a kerb and pos­si­bly a po­lice car be­fore flip­ping over. From left to right, Moussa Ouk­abir, Younes Abouyaaqoub, Mo­hamed Hy­chami and Said Aalla

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