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SIR – The ac­cep­tance by Aslef mem­bers of a 28 per cent pay rise un­der­mines the claim that the dis­pute was over safety and the op­er­a­tion of trains with­out a guard. The pay offer was a bribe and an offer many driv­ers clearly could not refuse. The im­pli­ca­tions are far-reach­ing. Charles Allen


SIR – Paul Caru­ana asks: “How can a salary of £63,000 ever be jus­ti­fied for driv­ing a train?”

Af­ter the an­nounce­ment of the salary in­crease I trawled the web­sites to see how it com­pares with those of Deutschebahn, Am­trak and other train op­er­a­tors. Like it or not, it would ap­pear that this is about the go­ing rate.

The Ger­mans had sim­i­lar union prob­lems in 2014 and gave in to the de­mands of the driv­ers. Dun­can Rayner

Sun­ning­dale, Berk­shire

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