This was a live celebrity soap opera in front of the Queen

The Daily Telegraph - - Eugenie & Jack - By Matthew Bell

Richard Ba­con spoke for many at yes­ter­day’s royal wed­ding when asked how he ac­tu­ally knew Princess Eu­ge­nie. “Um, I don’t re­ally know. I think we met at 3am in Mi­ami.” It was typical of the ran­dom yet very A-list ar­ray of celebri­ties who made up the 850-strong guest list.

More so even than at Harry and Meghan’s wed­ding, here was the col­li­sion of so many dif­fer­ent worlds: roy­alty, so­ci­ety, celebrity, fash­ion, mu­sic, art, busi­ness, in­ter­na­tional and ran­domly fa­mous. At the cen­tre of it all, Princess Eu­ge­nie (and her tequi­laselling hus­band Jack Brooks­bank). But how on earth does she know such an eclec­tic group of peo­ple? We knew we were in for a feast for the eyes when father of the bride Prince An­drew gave a pre-wed­ding in­ter­view. In it, he ca­su­ally boasted that Eu­ge­nie and Jack were hav­ing 850 guests, 250 more than Harry and Meghan.

How come, the in­ter­viewer wanted to know? “Eu­ge­nie’s just very so­cial!” he beamed, drop­ping the hint that his daugh­ter is some­how even more pop­u­lar than Harry. And so it seemed: the guest-list was less St Ge­orge’s Chapel, more Mahiki on a Thurs­day night. It was a club man­ager’s dream come true – which was, of course, at one point the groom’s pro­fes­sion.

James Blunt, Holly Valance, Ricky Martin, Rob­bie Wil­liams.

At one point the Queen seemed in dan­ger of be­ing for­got­ten, so dis­tracted were the cam­era­men by Cara Delev­ingne and Stephen Fry.

Was it an ac­ci­dent that the un­mis­tak­able beauty of Kate Moss dom­i­nated tele­vi­sion screens for the first five min­utes of the cer­e­mony, parked, as she was, on the front row right in shot be­hind Eu­ge­nie and Jack?

And what on Earth was Jimmy Carr so deep in con­ver­sa­tion about with Rus­sian oli­garch and news­pa­per pro­pri­etor Evgeny Lebe­dev?

This was the solemn nup­tials of Her Royal High­ness Princess Eu­ge­nie of York, but the oc­ca­sional pan­ning shot of the ubiq­ui­tous El­lie Gould­ing re­minded us that we were at a very mod­ern royal wed­ding.

Why was Ricky Martin there? And how of­ten does Eu­ge­nie ac­tu­ally hang out with Demi Moore? The an­swer to all these ques­tions is Fergie. And, to a lesser ex­tent, An­drew. Through grow­ing up ex­tremely close to her par­ents, and re­main­ing so, Eu­ge­nie has come into contact with a lot of fa­mous peo­ple. De­spite An­drew’s claims oth­er­wise, they were the masterminds be­hind the plan­ning (though ex­pert party-plan­ner Pere­grine Arm­strong-jones took care of the nitty-gritty).

As with any wed­ding, he who pays the piper calls the tunes, so the guest list was as much about the Yorks’ friends as Eu­ge­nie and Jack’s. (In case you were still won­der­ing about Demi Moore, she re­port­edly in­tro­duced Fergie to Kab­balah, the Jewish re­li­gion, in 2004.) And who wouldn’t ac­cept an in­vi­ta­tion to a royal wed­ding? Ac­tu­ally, there were a few.

El­ton John and Ed Sheeran were un­able to at­tend on ac­count of be­ing on tour. Ge­orge and Amal Clooney were nowhere to be seen.

And most con­spic­u­ous in her ab­sence was Camilla, Duchess of Corn­wall, who had a press­ing en­gage­ment in Scot­land. These ab­sences aside though, if tele­vi­sion is about en­ter­tain­ment, what more could one ask for than three hours of glo­ri­ous celebrity-rich soap opera, played out live in front of the Queen.

Why was Ricky Martin there? And how of­ten does Eu­ge­nie ac­tu­ally hang out with Demi Moore?

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