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Gum­boots aren’t of­ten worn on the moors as more walk­ing is in­volved than on covert days and the boot must pro­tect the an­kles from pos­si­ble sprain in­juries caused by slip­ping on wet or rocky ground.

My favourites are Vik­ing boots, now sold un­der the name Har­ris. Made from 100% nat­u­ral rub­ber, they pro­vide good an­kle sup­port, don’t need break­ing in, dry eas­ily if wa­ter goes in over the top, are wa­ter­proof, cheap and last for years. I’ve had the same pair for 20 sea­sons.

The Zam­ber­lan Fell Lite is an­other good op­tion. It’s a leather and Gore-tex walk­ing boot that’s light, wa­ter­proof, com­fort­able “straight out the box” and pro­vides suf­fi­cient an­kle pro­tec­tion.

They pro­tect against pos­si­ble sprain in­juries

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