The Field - - Country Estate Books - By Tris­tan Goo­ley Scep­tre, £20

Tris­tan Goo­ley’s of­fer­ing is not one to skim through at speed. If you want to un­der­stand it, take it chap­ter by chap­ter. Sit on the grass, ob­serve the trees, look at the night sky… Only then will you start to un­der­stand what Goo­ley is try­ing to en­cour­age.

The Sixth Sense he refers to is the same as the inkling that tells us some­one is try­ing to get our at­ten­tion when we are fac­ing the other way. It is the sense that de­vel­ops from the thou­sands of sub­con­scious re­ac­tions that we ex­pe­ri­ence daily but have largely been lost in re­la­tion to the nat­u­ral world. The skills of the old coun­try­men, the wise old hands that could iden­tify the path of an an­i­mal, the scent of the weather and which direction to head off in from a deep un­der­stand­ing of the nat­u­ral world. To re­gain this lost sense is a tempt­ing and rather won­der­ful idea.

Goo­ley of­fers the reader a chance to re­cover the out­doors­man’s nat­u­ral sense through 52 “keys”, to ex­change slow, an­a­lytic think­ing for the fast think­ing that makes con­nec­tions with na­ture in a way that few now ex­pe­ri­ence. I rec­om­mend turn­ing those keys and see­ing what hap­pens.

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