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AC­CORD­ING to Greg Clarke, al­low­ing Coven­try City to blun­der on in Northamp­ton was the “least worst op­tion”.

“Am I happy the peo­ple of Coven­try have to go 34 miles to see their game?” said the Football League chair­man this week. “Of course I’m not.

“But I would have been more un­happy if we had said we’re not go­ing to trans­fer the share and Coven­try City would cease to ex­ist. That would have been worse, and that’s what we al­ways try to avoid.”

And that is the prob­lem. In­stead of help­ing healthy clubs to thrive, ef­forts are fo­cussed on keep­ing sick ones alive.

What the League should have done was tell Coven­try and their sham­bles of a board to do one. So what if League One had 23 clubs for a year? At least it would send out a mes­sage that run­ning up debt and abus­ing sup­port­ers isn’t a vi­able busi­ness plan.

Then, at the end of the sea­son, pro­mote an ex­tra club from the Con­fer­ence – a di­vi­sion where strong, well-run clubs are scandalously pre­vented from pro­gress­ing by the per­sis­tent re­fusal to al­low threeup, three-down.

What you’d have is an up­wardly mo­bile as­set. What they’ve got is a badly-run em­bar­rass­ment. To me, that sounds like the most worst op­tion.

BOSS: Greg Clarke

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