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SOME men in football de­velop fan­tas­tic rep­u­ta­tions. Two such men are Gian­franco Zola and Harry Red­knapp. I had rea­son to deal with both of them this week.

First, Gian­franco brought his squad team across to play at our train­ing ground against our squad team last Mon­day. Apart from be­ing a gen­uinely de­cent man, you could not help but ad­mire Gian­franco’s love and in­ten­sity to im­prove his play­ers. And the struc­ture of the way in which his man­age­ment team or­gan­ised them­selves to use the game to de­velop the skills of theWat­ford play­ers was a fine ex­am­ple of teach­ing.

Sec­ond, I had to deal with Harry in re­la­tion to the loan trans­fer to us of Michael Doughty.With ev­ery­thing that he has had go­ing on in the mar­ket, I didn’t ex­pect Harry to be in­volved in young Michael’s loan. But he was.

He showed gen­uine in­ter­est in the well-be­ing and de­vel­op­ment strat­egy for his player. He wanted to make sure that the plan for Michael was right.We spoke for a good time to en­sure that Harry was happy.

That level of com­mit­ment to the in­di­vid­ual player is rare in my ex­pe­ri­ence; it has def­i­nitely helped Harry to build a great name. An­other fine les­son to take on board. The top man­agers have out­stand­ing skill sets. Good names come for good rea­sons.

PIC­TURE: Ac­tion Im­ages

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