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TAKE a look at the list of Leeds United man­agers stretch­ing back to the Twen­ties and you’ll only find one from out­side the UK – David O’Leary – so the ar­rival of Darko Mi­lanic from Slove­nia rep­re­sents a huge de­par­ture.

Darko may have a few prob­lems with the lo­cals when they shout: “Aye up, lad,” at the new ar­rival, but he’ll be no more con­fused than the new owner, Mas­simo Cellino, when it comes to choos­ing man­agers.

This is the club that can boast in its his­tory man­agers of the stature of Don Re­vie, Jock Stein and George Gra­ham, so for­give the scep­ti­cism about a man whose ex­pe­ri­ence of the English game is, well, zilch.

Cellino has a hire-and-fire record sec­ond to none, so Mi­lanic should de­lay buy­ing a house in Leeds. He could be gone be­fore the mort­gage comes through.

It was fright­en­ing to hear Cellino’s rea­sons for ap­point­ing the Slove­nian.

He called him a “cool guy”, and added: “I don’t know why I’ve cho­sen him.The coaches are like wa­ter melons.You find out about them when you open them.

“His par­tic­u­lar qual­i­ties? Well, he’s good look­ing. What can I tell you? ”Well, I can tell you this. Poor Darko should hes­i­tate to get his feet un­der the ta­ble and I re­fer him to another York­shire say­ing:

“Ear all, see all, say nowt. Eat all, sup all, pay nowt. And if ever thou does owt fer nowt, al­lus do it fer thissen.”

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