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The Football League Paper - - FINAL THIRD - Ben Al­nwick - Peter­bor­ough Utd Goal­keeper

Best mate at the club? Luke James. He’s my fel­low north­erner and see­ing as he’s a bit younger than me, I need to look af­ter him. He’s a good lad and we get on re­ally well. Last to buy din­ner? Kgosi Ntlhe, our left­back. He is re­ally tight. I’ve never been on a night out with him, but from what I’ve heard I wouldn’t want to! He goes miss­ing when it comes to pay­ing for any­thing at all. The FIFA king? Be­fore I had my son, it was me, but I’m not al­lowed to play any more! Mar­cus Mad­di­son is the best and so he should be, be­cause play­ing on that is all he does. Ri­cardo San­tos has been known to give him a good game. Worst dressed? Mar­cus Mad­di­son. He will wear ex­pen­sive footwear with an Asda suit. He dresses like he is from Brook­lyn. The dress­ing room DJ? There is a bit of ro­ta­tion, but at the mo­ment it’s Ri­cardo San­tos. He is not bad, though there is a bit of ques­tion­able rap. I like the house stuff he puts on, I would do the same. The most skill­ful? Erhun Oz­tumer – the Turk­ish Messi. He’s not afraid of a flick or trick in a game and is a bit of a dead ball spe­cial­ist. He’s a great free-kick taker. Late for train­ing? Mar­cus Mad­di­son al­ways gets in on the minute. I don’t know how he does it, he cuts it so fine. If you are late you get a fine and I think he had a cou­ple early on in the sea­son, but he has been all right of late. The best cook? Chris­tian Burgess is al­ways talk­ing about meals he is mak­ing. Salmon dishes are his spe­cial­ity, ac­cord­ing to him, though I also think he fan­cies him­self as an all-rounder in the kitchen. First on the dance­floor? There’s a few! Jack Baldwin, Ri­cardo San­tos and Kyle Vas­sell are a lively bunch and all like a night out. I’m not bad, I can throw a few shapes for a big fella. I’ve had a few com­pli­ments! Most likely to dis­grace them­selves at the Christ­mas party? Michael Smith. He’s a quiet lad about the place and comes across as the ul­ti­mate pro­fes­sional. But take him out of the foot­ball en­vi­ron­ment and he is a bit of a livewire. The worst tat­too? Michael Bost­wick has some­thing on his back he got in Tener­ife when he was 16. It’s some sort of sym­bol, but it is im­pos­si­ble to iden­tify what it is! That’s def­i­nitely the worst. Never puts their phone down? Aaron McLean is the main cul­prit for that. He is al­ways on Twit­ter or Instagram, but it’s not for me all that. There are oth­ers as well. Jon Tay­lor’s phone is never far from his hand. Go­ing to make the best manager? Grant McCann. At the mo­ment he is our as­sis­tant manager, but it was not long ago he was just one of the lads in the squad. He knows what it’s all about and I think he’s go­ing to have a great ca­reer. He’s a Peter­bor­ough leg­end and a great man-manager. Aaron McLean is do­ing his coach­ing badges, too.

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Ri­cardo San­tos

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