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Steve McNulty –

Best mate at the club? Nathan Doyle came to the club a year af­ter I joined and we are room-mates when we have away games. He has to get the sup­plies in for away trips and he does a good job with that, so he is al­right. Last to buy din­ner? Stephen O’Don­nell. When we went on tour to Por­tu­gal he was moan­ing about a €3 taxi fare. The FIFA king? Pelly Rud­dock or Mark O’Brien, al­though I’m not sure as I don’t play it my­self. Worst dressed? Stephen O’Don­nell again. He has been com­ing in wear­ing ter­ri­ble tar­tan tshirts and track­suit bot­toms that are four sizes too big for him. We see mus­tard­coloured jumpers, he has worn some ras­cal gear lately. Dress­ing room DJ? Jonathan Smith. It is all house mu­sic that just goes ‘bang, bang, bang’ but it gets him up for games. He needs to start chang­ing it up as he is cur­rently play­ing the same mix all the time. Most skil­ful? Danny Green, who we re­cently signed from MK Dons. He has a few tricks up his sleeve and has looked good. Late for train­ing? Usu­ally it is Craig Mack­ailSmith and Paddy McCourt. Both of them are good for a cou­ple of fines a week. Teacher’s pet? Def­i­nitely Paul Ben­son. We call him John Still’s son-in-law and he is never too far away from the gaffer. Best/worst cook? The worst cook is prob­a­bly Mark O’Brien and I have to live with the bloke! He puts some ras­cal din­ners on the ta­ble for me, which is not good. The best is prob­a­bly Paddy McCourt, be­cause he tells us about din­ners that he dishes up for the mis­sus and kids. First on the dance floor? Easy: Pelly Rud­dock. He loves a lit­tle grind. I also have a video of Steve O’Don­nell from when we went out with the lads re­cently and he had some ter­ri­ble moves as well. Most likely to dis­grace them­selves at the Christ­mas party? Ryan Hall is just an all­round wrong’un. He thinks he is a bit of a lad. He talks a good game but he al­ways fails. I don’t dis­grace my­self at par­ties. I’m nor­mally the one prop­ping up the bar. You wouldn’t find me any­where near the dance floor. Worst tat­too? Luke Wilkin­son has three stars on his fore­arm and he doesn’t know what they stand for. He has been try­ing to cover them up of late. Per­son­ally I don’t have any. I have two lit­tle girls and was think­ing of get­ting their names on me but it doesn’t re­ally ap­peal. Never puts their phone down? Josh McQuoid is al­ways on his phone. Ev­ery time you see him he has his phone in his hand. He is al­ways graft­ing and chas­ing the women think­ing he is a ladies’ man. Par­tial to a sunbed? Danny Green bat­ters them. He has at least three a week. But Paul Ben­son has an al­lyear round tan. He keeps telling us it is nat­u­ral but the lads are not con­vinced. We reckon he gets a cou­ple a week. I have never been near one. I’m whiter than a ghost. Go­ing to make the best man­ager? Luke Gut­tridge talks a good game and is al­ways try­ing to coach the lads. He seems to be get­ting into it.

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Pelly Rud­dock

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