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The Football League Paper - - LEAGUE TWO PLAY-OFF PREVIEW - Ol­lie Watkins Ex­eter City striker

Best mate at the club? Prob­a­bly Matt Jay. We were in the academy to­gether and I see him all the time, even on days off. I have known him for a long time and we are al­ways com­pet­ing against each other. Be­fore we joined the academy, his lo­cal team and mine were ri­vals so we’ve had com­pe­ti­tion be­tween us from the be­gin­ning. Last to pay for din­ner? David Wheeler. He is one of the older lads in the group and is a bit tight. He once drove all the way round to avoid the toll bridge from Bris­tol into Wales. He also went to uni­ver­sity, so he knows how to save his money. Worst dressed? The two goal­keep­ers, Bobby Ole­jnik and James Ha­mon, have to be the worst. Some of the stuff they’ve come out with has been ter­ri­ble. They have ab­so­lutely no colour co-or­di­na­tion. I have seen some shock­ing straight leg boot­cut jeans from James. Bobby al­ways wears aw­fully tight clothes. I don’t know if the other lads have no­ticed, but it’s all too tight. Dress­ing room DJ? He might not have the fash­ion sense, but Bobby Ole­jnik has been on the ball when it comes to be­ing the dress­ing room DJ. He’ll play a bit of ev­ery­thing, to be hon­est. A bit of Drake, a bit of The Weeknd. What any­one wants re­ally. He does a good job. Late for train­ing? That will be Joel Grant. He likes to leave things to the last minute ev­ery time. If we have a home match at 3pm, we have to meet at the ground at 1.30. He’ll al­ways cut it very fine, with­out fail. He’s al­ways last to train­ing. He just runs on his own clock. Teacher’s pet? That’s a tricky one. I could not pick out one player who is teacher’s pet. I think we are all close to the man­ager. I don’t think Paul (Tisdale) has any favourites. First on the dance floor? I’m prob­a­bly up there, to be fair, but I’d have to say David Wheeler. He loves the dance floor and brings out his move. He puts his arms up and moves them sideto-side, and it will be that for the whole night. It’s not con­ven­tional but what­ever makes him happy... Most likely to dis­grace them­selves at the Christ­mas party? We haven’t had any­one yet, but I’d say James Ha­mon is most likely to do some­thing like that. He’s al­ways say­ing stuff be­fore he thinks about it. In the chang­ing room, he will come out with all sorts be­cause he hasn’t thought about it. Worst tat­too? We have a cou­ple of boys with some weird ones. Pierce Sweeney has a Ja­panese sym­bol on his leg he had done on hol­i­day. He doesn’t know what it means. No­body knows, but he likes it. Also, Lloyd James has the word ‘hush’ tat­tooed down his fin­ger, which is a bit bizarre and doesn’t look great. Who will be the best man­ager? Matt Oak­ley, for sure. He has so much ex­pe­ri­ence at the high­est level. He has what it takes to be a boss. His knowl­edge of the game is first rate.

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