Ge­off makes a sur­pris­ing of­fer to

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Corona­tion Street (STV)

GE­OFF is up to his old tricks again, prov­ing that, once again, he’s an arch-ma­nip­u­la­tor.

This time he takes a sur­pris­ing new ap­proach to his predica­ment with Yas­meen – rather than be­ing ag­gres­sive, he be­comes meek and mild, of­fer­ing to drop the charges against her if she’ll come home and be his wife once more.

When that doesn’t work, Ge­off tries some­thing else – he prom­ises to turn over a new leaf and seek out pro­fes­sional help. Will his ef­forts be suc­cess­ful, or is Yas­meen fi­nally wise to his schem­ing ways?

Leanne de­cides the fam­ily should try to make what­ever time Oliver has left as much fun as pos­si­ble. As a re­sult,

Nick steps back from run­ning the fac­tory and asks Carla to take over – she wastes no time mak­ing her pres­ence felt by tack­ling Gary over his pro­posed rent hike.

Adam is also on Gary’s case; he’s worked out his arch en­emy needs the ex­tra cash for a dodgy deal, now all he has to do is work out what it is – and in­for­ma­tion from Laura could prove help­ful.

Yas­meen Met­calfe played by Shelly King

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