In London, more needed to face down the bul­lies

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LONDON’S GLOBAL March to Jerusalem demon­stra­tion took place last Fri­day evening op­po­site the Is­raeli Em­bassy.

About 15-20 Is­rael sup­port­ers turned up, the usual stal­warts who put them­selves on the line to face a bar­rage of abuse from the bully boys of the PSC. It is hardly some­thing Jewish or­gan­i­sa­tions across the world would not have in their diaries, so it was a sur­prise to hear that the Zion­ist Fed­er­a­tion had an ur­gent en­gage­ment in Hun­gary — and good­ness knows what hap­pened to all the other pun­dits who put them­selves about.

So there we were, with­out a mega­phone and a few of our Chris­tian friends who had at least brought some flags, plac­ards and ban­ners. One lit­tle girl on her way home from school asked her mother to stop by to share with us her hurt at the vile big­otry shoot­ing over from across the bar­ri­ers, as though they were on the front line launch­ing rock­ets into Sderot or Be’er­sheva. She was sob­bing as she bore wit­ness to this ha­tred, while the child of a PSC sup­porter was thrust onto their podium, chant­ing ven­omous slo­gans over a mega­phone.

They ar­rived in their hun­dreds with their usual at­tire, wear­ing their tourist scarves from Jerusalem, hoist­ing flags show­ing all of Is­rael as Pales­tine — Arab Pales­tine, a land free of Jews. Tribal chants “from the river to the sea, Pales­tine will be free” cut through any pre­tence of peace­ful de­sires.

They vaunted their lat­est slo­gan: they ac­cused Is­rael of mak­ing Jerusalem Jewish, us­ing that Nazi term, “Ju­dais­ing”, as though the Jews have no con­nec­tion to the City of David, as though their mosque is not built atop the Jewish Tem­ple, as though they were the his­tor­i­cal heirs to Jerusalem (a no­tion they only cot­toned on to af­ter the Arab up­ris­ing in 1987).

This an­nual as­sault takes place each year around Pe­sach, the time of year when we re­count at the Seder ta­ble how the Jewish na­tion crossed the desert out of slav­ery to free­dom; when we read how in each gen­er­a­tion our en­e­mies will re­turn in an at­tempt to de­stroy us; and when we learn to ask ques­tions. Sharon Klaff is a found­ing mem­ber of proIs­rael ac­tivist group Cam­paign4truth

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