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I was sur­prised to read Sandy Rashty’s ar­ti­cle ( Com­ment, July 11) on the dif­fi­cul­ties of a Jewish per­son go­ing to Shored­itch. I do not re­gard my­self as an “oh-so-en­light­ened eco-friendly & try-to-be-di­verse Jew” or a “tree-hug­ging hippy” as she tweeted last week, but I still find my­self in to­tal dis­agree­ment with her ar­gu­ment.

While at work in Shored­itch last week, a non-Jewish col­league drew the ar­ti­cle to my at­ten­tion, ask­ing: “Do Jews re­ally think this?” I was em­bar­rassed.

I would even go so far as to ar­gue that sug­gest­ing that, as Jews, we can only mix with other Jewish “bankers, lawyers and teach­ers” is bor­der­line racism. Imag­ine if a politi­cian said they didn’t like go­ing to Gold­ers Green and mix­ing with Jews, or any other ethno-re­li­gious group.

The im­age this gives out to our non-Jewish neigh­bours is wor­ry­ing, mak­ing us look in­su­lar, and only act­ing to en­cour­age prej­u­dice and an­tisemitism.

The out­side world read­ing Ms Rashty’s ar­ti­cle will sim­ply as­sume that, as Jews, we are in­ca­pable of em­brac­ing Bri­tish cul­ture and mix­ing with any­one else. Sam Mohr Cyprus Road, Lon­don, N3

The East is clearly no place for nice Jewish girls, well at least ig­no­rant ones.

“Mod­ern” Jewish girl Sandy, with her not-so-mod­ern per­spec­tive of the world out­side the North Lon­don bub­ble, seems to think the East is no place for nice Jewish girls.

Sandy may not be aware of it but while the Jewish con­tin­gent in East Lon­don and Es­sex may be viewed as an en­dan­gered species by those on their north­ern pedestals, we are still very much here and en­joy­ing our lives in fun, Jewish-princess-free places such as Shored­itch.

Be­ing un­will­ing to dis­close your Jewish iden­tity to strangers is a per­sonal prob­lem, cul­ti­vated from judg­ments and bi­ases that people like Sandy have con­vinced them­selves they will be met with if they ut­ter the taboo words of “I’m a Jew”.

Hardly mod­ern of her to be­lieve re­li­gion is go­ing to make you a so­cial pariah. Al­though you may be met by ques­tions like “so you don’t eat ba­con?” or “how do you feel about Ha­mas?” It’s about how you han­dle the sit­u­a­tion that mat­ters. Corinne Abrahams (22-year-old, nice Jewish girl from East Lon­don) South­down Cres­cent, Il­ford, Es­sex

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