A ‘hor­ri­ble, de­press­ing’ con­di­tion

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KEREN LEWIN, 69, from East Finch­ley, is an arthri­tis suf­ferer. She says: “I was born with cur­va­ture of the spine. When I was younger, I would have flare-ups, but as I’ve got older, it has got worse.

“I now have neck prob­lems, shoul­der prob­lems and feet prob­lems, all of which af­fect me on a daily ba­sis.

“A few years ago, I had mi­crofrac­tures in the tho­racic area of my spine, caused by os­teo­poro­sis. I was given kypho­plasty, where they put in bone ce­ment. It im­proved the prob­lem, but I now have bur­si­tis, in­flam­ma­tion around my joints. I am hav­ing steroid in­jec­tions, but you are only al­lowed a cer­tain amount per year.

“I find it so hard get­ting help. There are such long queues at the NHS, and I don’t see my GP as of­ten as I would like.

“Peo­ple don’t understand what it is like. It is hor­ri­ble and de­press­ing, and I feel con­stantly un­com­fort­able.

“I try not to let my prob­lems stop me from do­ing any­thing; I still drive. But my mood changes all the time, de­pend­ing on how much pain I can deal with.

“Iliveon­my­ow­nand­myfriends­don’t want to hear me moan­ing. But I want to be able to talk about it with some­body.”

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