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THE STATE of the world cur­rently re­sem­bles what my Grandma Edie would call an (es­sen­tially a gi­ant mess). There is much to do. We must re­sist, we must protest, we must march. But also, for the sake of our souls, we must find our “happy place” — ev­ery­thing that can mit­i­gate the de­spair. Find joy in sim­ple plea­sures, ap­pre­ci­ate them and keep eat­ing, er, I mean do­ing them. Yes, times may be so bleak that we all brace our­selves ev­ery time a news alert pops up but we must re­mem­ber how to stay pos­i­tive -ish. Strug­gling to think of a “happy place”?

Hereareafe­wof mine­fromthep­ast­mon­thor­sothat­may/ may not be use­ful for in­spi­ra­tion:

She may be famed for the likes of her cheese­cake and her but these lit­tle rays of gas­tro­nomic de­light are so sim­ple that even the most do­mes­ti­cally chal­lenged (like me) can recre­ate them at home. One part pil­lowy white bread, one part but­ter, one part peanut but­ter (yes, the spread is as thick as the bread… so, yes, it should per­haps come with a health warn­ing). The cru­cial twist? Cut into small, crust­less tri­an­gles to achieve max­i­mum joy.

I can­not be­lieve I’ve just writ­ten those words con­sid­er­ing the way I con­formed to my stereo­type at school (ie putting a lot of cre­ative en­ergy into skiv­ing PE) but, these days, my Mon­day-night net­ball matches are the source of im­mense plea­sure. With a dis­pro­por­tion­ate num­ber of Man­cu­nian Jewish girls on the team, what we lack in skill, we make up for in gob­bi­ness. A work­out for both body and mind.

3. The ques­tion “would you like to take a strudel for your freezer?” from your mum as you leave her house (and we’re talk­ing a home­made meat strudel. In­sert all the cel­e­bra­tory emo­jis here)

Liv­ing in a dif­fer­ent city from the ma­jor­ity of our fam­ily means we can’t al­ways spend Shab­bat with them but a Fri­day night with friends who make you laugh un­til your sides hurt can make you feel so much bet­ter about the world. Even on the day a mo­ronic, im­petu­ous hair­piece be­comes Leader of the Free World. Add red wine. Lots of it.

Noth­ing makes me laugh quite like 90-year-old wit. Not got a Grandma Edie? Google

as an al­ter­na­tive. have writ­ten at length about com­fort telly in the form of Amer­i­can sit­com and I stand by that but re­cently I’ve dis­cov­ered a show that man­ages to com­bine fem­i­nist satire with the mu­si­cal genre and un­apolo­get­i­cally fea­tur­ing a modern Jewish lead char­ac­ter the way Amer­i­can pro­grammes can. For a more Bri­tish form of tele­vi­sual es­capism you only need to tune into any of Chan­nel 4’s prop­erty pro­grammes aka mid­dle­class porn. There is noth­ing like an in­ven­tive use of a side re­turn to cheer you up on a cold Tues­day eve.

Ideally with your favourite per­son sat to

See uber­star Bey­once and the way she an­nounced her preg­nancy with twins last week —break­ing the in­ter­net with pic­tures of her­self in her un­der­wear framed by what we in the Habonim trade would call “a bit of a (a colour­ful back­drop, non­sen­si­cal head dress) And for next level thrills, google “cookie the news bey­once preg­nancy” to find a short video of some­one ic­ing this im­age onto a bis­cuit ac­com­pa­nied by sooth­ing spa-es­que mu­sic. Don’t ask my why. Just en­joy.

See? Not ev­ery­thing is doom and gloom. So don’t de­spair. Eat, drink, laugh… and thank Hashem for Bey­once.

Noth­ing makes me laugh quite like 90-yearold wit

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