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my bar­mitz­vah money to this amaz­ing or­gan­i­sa­tion. I also hope to do lots more fundrais­ing and help out in the fu­ture.

I hope that peo­ple know what is go­ing on out­side the com­fort of their homes and choose to help.

Jake Leigh,

Finch­ley N3

My col­league Rabbi Laura Janner-Klaus­ner says Ma­sorti is “a north Lon­don phe­nom­e­non” and “Or­tho­dox in all but name” (JC, 3 March). Rabbi Jan­nerKlaus­ner should be aware that Ma­sorti Ju­daism is a fam­ily of 15 com­mu­ni­ties all over the UK, in­clud­ing Ox­ford, Bris­tol, Liver­pool, Leeds, Finch­ley and St John’s Wood. The fact that our big­gest syn­a­gogues are lo­cated in ar­eas with large Jewish pop­u­la­tions should come as no sur­prise — we’re pleased to be able to serve the main­stream Jewish com­mu­nity.

More­over, Ma­sorti is a dis­tinc­tive stream of Ju­daism. While we share im­por­tant val­ues with col­leagues in other de­nom­i­na­tions, our com­bi­na­tion of tra­di­tional, ha­lachic Jewish prac­tice with a com­mit­ment to in­clu­siv­ity, open-mind­ed­ness and equal­ity, is unique. Our blend of tra­di­tional Ju­daism for modern Jews is clearly at­trac­tive, as ev­i­denced by a 50 per cent growth in our mem­ber­ship over the past 10 years.

As mem­bers of a Ma­sorti com­mu­nity, my chil­dren — both boys and girls — take for granted that they are able to par­tic­i­pate in a tra­di­tional ser­vice on the ba­sis of full equal­ity.

I fully share Rabbi Jan­nerKlauser’s con­vic­tion that Jews from all de­nom­i­na­tions need to co-op­er­ate, not com­pete, for the good of the com­mu­nity.

Matt Plen, Chief Ex­ec­u­tive, Ma­sorti Ju­daism

Laura Janner-Klaus­ner is en­ti­tled to her views but when she claims that “Ma­sorti are Or­tho­dox in all but name”, she is verg­ing on the ridicu­lous. As the UK branch of the US Con­ser­va­tive move­ment which has voted this week to al­low their syn­a­gogues to ad­mit non-Jews as full mem­bers, it would be more ac­cu­rate to say that “Ma­sorti are Re­form in all but name”. about Is­rael and no­ticed that a man wear­ing a kip­pah was lean­ing back wash­ing his win­dows with­out his kip­pah fall­ing off. “Why didn’t it fall off,” she asked. I could have told her about hair clips etc but said in­stead: “It doesn’t fall off be­cause he be­lieves in God” . “Do you wear a kip­pah?” “Yes,” I replied when I am in the sy­n­a­gogue.” “Does it fall off ?” “Yes”, I an­swered, “very of­ten.”

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