Big sav­ings for hosts as KLBD waives su­per­vi­sion fees for US venues


THE LON­DON Beth Din’s kashrut di­vi­sion is to stop charg­ing a su­per­vi­sion fee for smaller func­tions at United syn­a­gogues in a bid to en­cour­age more sim­chah hosts to go kosher.

In an in­ter­view with the JC, Rabbi Jeremy Con­way, head of the KLBD, the Lon­don Beth Din’s su­per­vi­sion branch, said the change would be im­ple­mented in the near fu­ture.

“When you have a func­tion at a United Sy­n­a­gogue shul hall [of] up to 175 peo­ple, we will pro­vide the same su­per­vi­sion as be­fore but we will cover the costs,” he ex­plained. “That’s a very ex­cit­ing ini­tia­tive.”

He ex­pected the move to be at “sig­nif­i­cant cost to the United Sy­n­a­gogue” — the host of a sim­chah for 175 guests would cur­rently be charged £624 for su­per­vi­sion. But the end jus­ti­fied the means, given the US’s 24,000 mem­ber fam­i­lies.

KLBD also planned to “em­ploy a full­time sim­cha co-or­di­na­tor/li­ai­son to help peo­ple find the right caterer and venue for their func­tion.

“Peo­ple think you’ve got to take the most ex­pen­sive kosher caterer. There’s 45 Lon­don Beis Din cater­ers listed in our kashrut guide, rang­ing from about £25 a head to around £225 a head. You can have a beau­ti­ful func­tion, what­ever your bud­get.”

In Rabbi Con­way’s ex­pe­ri­ence, “peo­ple are not anti-kosher. They’re anti pay­ing a lot of ex­tra money.

“We’ve got many cater­ers and within your bud­get you can have a choice of three or four dif­fer­ent fab­u­lous ones. But peo­ple need a bit of help to find that.

“Oth­er­wise they are go­ing to go to the venue where they went to their friend’s bar­mitz­vah last week — and that was a non-kosher one.”

He sensed an at­ti­tude where “most peo­ple don’t seem to mind so it doesn’t re­ally mat­ter [if the func­tion is kosher or not]. We want some­body to say: ‘Well of course it mat­ters. It’s a bar­mitz­vah, isn’t it?’”

Rabbi Jeremy Con­way

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