An ‘em­bar­rass­ing’, ‘naive’, ‘apol­o­gist’ de­fence of Don­ald Trump

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Me­lanie Phillips (JC, March 17) be­gins her em­bar­rass­ing de­fence of Don­ald Trump by ac­cus­ing the me­dia of “dis­tor­tion, fab­ri­ca­tion, se­lec­tive re­port­ing and char­ac­ter as­sas­si­na­tion” and ends it by cit­ing “fake news” Oh dear, Me­lanie.

Trump’s ef­fort to un­der­cut the me­dia (fake news), the ju­di­ciary (“so-called judges”) and the leg­is­la­ture (illegal ex­ec­u­tive or­ders), com­bined with his daily lies (this paper is not big enough), big­oted poli­cies (Mus­lim ban, hom­bre paid-or wall), grotesque be­hav­iour (where do I start — pussy grab­bing, mak­ing fun of the dis­abled) and in­sane con­spir­acy the­o­ries (Obama’s birth cer­tifi­cate, 5m illegal votes, GCHQ wire­tap­ping) is “un­pres­i­dented”.

But, as a Jew, you should feel it send­ing a shiver down your spine. We have seen it be­fore. There is no bias when it comes to facts and there is no bias when it comes to hu­man de­cen- cy. We, of all peo­ples, should be aware of the con­se­quences when facts and hu­man de­cency are twisted by those in power in or­der to im­ple­ment their world view.

Yet Me­lanie Phillips be­lieves that this man will be the de­fender of our faith. Given she has a pub­lic plat­form, her naivety is dan­ger­ous.

I have heard it said that many in the Repub­li­can party are over­come with Stock­holm Syn­drome. Please, Me­lanie, don’t let it cross the water. Paul Be­nard­out

Me­lanie Phillips will have sick­ened many with her apol­o­gist ar­ti­cle on Don­ald Trump.

He aims to “make Amer­ica great again”.

Great, when it slammed the door in the faces of Jewish refugees from Europe who would end up in the Nazi gascham­bers?

Great, when Jews would find them­selves barred from many US golf clubs and even from stay­ing in some ho­tels?

Great, when Blacks were seg­re­gated and made to sit at the back in buses?

People should be care­ful what they wish for.

Neville Lan­dau. well for us Jewish girls, (per­haps 25-30 in a school of 350 pupils). We had our own reli­gious assem­bly ev­ery day presided over by Jewish sixth for­m­ers. We also had ac­cess to kosher lunch, first at Woburn House and later at Poet’s Road shul in Stoke New­ing­ton.

All girls were given a Bible when they started there and we were given our spe­cial Old Tes­ta­ment copy, which I still have to this day. I did not come from a very ob­ser­vant fam­ily but some of the girls did and their fam­i­lies were per­fectly happy with these ar­range­ments. It had the ex­tra ben­e­fit of giv­ing the se­nior girls who took our daily ser­vice, use­ful lead­er­ship skills.

Is the cur­rent gen­er­a­tion of par­ents off-load­ing to the schools their du­ties to teach their chil­dren about the faith?

We mustn’t for­get that we live in a multi-faith so­ci­ety and need to in­ter­act suc­cess­fully with oth­ers and not iso­late our chil­dren. Sylvia Gam­bin

Lon­don, N13

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