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1. The mezuzah is a parch­ment on which is writ­ten: a. The first two para­graphs of the Shema b. The ten Com­mand­ments c. The laws of lep­rosy d. The last 12 verses of the To­rah e. The prayer for go­ing on a jour­ney

2. Which group of schol­ars came be­fore the Amoraim: a. Tan­naim b. Geonim c. Ris­honim d. Acha­ronim e. Rab­banim

3. Rashi was born in: a. 1040, b. 1069 c. 1104 d. 1224 e. 1308

4. Which book of To­rah has most dou­ble sedarot? a. Bereshit b. She­mot c. Vayikra d. Bamid­bar e. De­varim

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