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1. The Tem­ple last stood in Jerusalem ap­prox­i­mately a. 5,000 years ago b. 2,000 years ago c. 1,000 years ago d. 500 years ago e. 100 years ago 2. Which book of Torah spanned the short­est time: a. Bereshit b. She­mot c. Vayikra d. Bemid­bar e. De­varim

3. Which of these do not ap­pear on the top of the Seder dish: a. An egg b. A shankbone c. Charoset (a mix­ture of ap­ples, nuts and wine) d. A matzah e. Bit­ter herbs 4. Which of these is not one of the Seven Mitzvot of Noach: a. Don’t mur­der b. Don’t steal c. Don’t lie d. Set up courts of law e. Don’t treat an­i­mals cru­elly 5. “The Land of Is­rael was the birthplace of the Jewish peo­ple”: This was said by : a. Rabin as he signed the Oslo Ac­cords b. Herzl in c. Ben Gu­rion in the Dec­la­ra­tion of In­de­pen­dence d. Joshua, speak­ing to the Jewish peo­ple as he pre­pared to die e. Yitzchak as he spoke to his sons, Yaakov and Eisav 6. The book of Nezikin in­cludes : a. The story of Ruth b. Laws of farm­ing c. The re­demp­tion from Egypt d. Rules about bring­ing sac­ri­fices e. The laws of busi­ness


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