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The cer­e­mony that marks the end of Shabbat is called: a. Za­chor b. Ke­riat Hashab­bat c. Had­lakatNerot d. Hav­dalah e. Neilah

Spot the odd one out: a. Num­ber of knots on one Tz­itzit b. Megillot c. Fast Days d. Prayer ser­vices on Yom Kippur e. Books of To­rah

On the fourth day of Cre­ation, God cre­ated: a. Fish and birds b. Land and Plants c. Sun, moon and stars d. An­i­mals and hu­mans e. The heav­ens

In me­dieval times, there were no Jews in a. Eng­land b. Egypt c. Spain d. Aus­tralia e.


5. Ac­cord­ing to tra­di­tion Megillat Rut was writ­ten by: a. Ruth b. Boaz c. Moshe d. David e. Sh­muel

. On the

17th of Tam­muz: a. Bar Kochba was killed b. The wall around Jerusalem was breached c. The Sec­ond Tem­ple was de­stroyed d. Esther was made Queen by Ahashverosh e. The State of Is­rael was de­clared

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