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1 He was only 12 years old when he be­gan to reign (2 Kings 21:1) (8)

6 Plant from Mis­sis­sippi, Mis­souri, and South Amer­ica? (6)

9 One of Pharaoh’s store-cities (Ex. 1:11) (6)

10 Weekly read­ing por­tion from The To­rah (He­brew) (8)

11 Au­to­mated op­er­a­tion Post Of­fice costed badly? (8)

12 Stag­gered about, be­ing wound up (6)

13 Jerusalem by its He­brew name (12) 16 Wicked things used with the chanukkiah (12)

19 Zealot’s fortress above The Dead Sea (6)

21 Go back home, hav­ing been given a rise (not on Pe­sach!) (8)

23 Jew of eth­nic Ibe­rian or Ori­en­tal ori­gin (8)

24 Long warm un­der­pants (Yid­dish) (6)

25 ****** Peres, ex-Pres­i­dent of Is­rael (1945-2011) (6)

26 Rows among crowd with no time for piety (8)


2 Im­mi­gra­tions to Is­rael (He­brew plu­ral) (6)

3 The num­ber “one” in non-liturgi­ical He­brew (5)

4 Nov­el­ist nom-de-plume of jour­nal­ist Jonathan Freed­land (3,6)

5 Dashes in rum-punch and whiskysour? (7)

6 The ‘bit­ter herbs’ of the Seder rit­ual (5) 7 A crazy idea, silly thing to do (Yid­dish) (9) 8 A con­tri­bu­tion from Adam - to the non-kosher bar­be­cue? (5,3)

13 Jerusalem’s Holo­caust Me­mo­rial Cen­tre (3,6)

14 Gabriel, per­haps, in Siberia (9) HOW TO PLAY: Use the let­ter tiles from the game of Scrab­ble to spell out the an­swers to the clues below. Do not use the two blank tiles. Place the tiles on the Scrab­ble board ac­cord­ing to the grid ref­er­ences given with the clues. If you suc­cess­fully com­plete the puz­zle, you will have used all 98 tiles.


1G Don’t re­main in­doors for ages. (7) 2C Ex­treme point of Zen, I think. (6) 2J Val and no one else sacked Rome. (6)

7B We had the re­spon­si­bil­ity. (4)

7L The shoe­maker stuck to his last. (5)

8F It’s the best pol­icy. (7)

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