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9 Jewish-Ital­ian chemist and Auschwitz sur­vivor, au­thor of “If This Is a Man” (1919-1967) (5,4)

10 Mah­moud ***** , also known as Abu Mazen - West Bank Pales­tinian leader (5) 11 The He­brew lan­guage (He­brew) (5) 12 Cer­e­mony not­ing the end of Shab­bat (He­brew) (9)

13 Ap­pro­pri­ate footwear for in­struc­tors? (8)

14 Bright star dis­plays a scat­tered trail (6) 17 Is­raeli city hous­ing The Weiz­mann In­sti­tute of Sci­ence (7)

19 Elisheba’s brother (Ex. 6:23) (7)

21 A beau­ti­ful and bub­bly young woman (Yid­dish - slang) (6)

22 Brave fe­male, like Van Gogh? (8)

25 Ger­man-Jewish com­poser of ‘Les Huguenots’ is ex­tremely mis­er­able - over twelve months with­out a drink (17911864) (9)

27 De­spite its iron frame, it’s mu­si­cally soft (5)

28 Ma­jor Is­raeli right-wing na­tion­al­ist party from 1948 un­til its merger into Likud in 1988 (5)

29 Orig­i­nal in­hab­i­tant of ‘The Promised Land’ (Gen. 10:18) (9)


1 At end of eight­ies An­glo-Jewish play­wright penned Latin frag­ment (8)

2 Kabbalah’s ‘Side of Im­pu­rity’ (He­brew) (5,5)

3 The sec­ond of the two sons of Eber (Gen. 10:25) (6)

4 Kabbalah’s ‘Man­i­fes­ta­tions of God in the phys­i­cal and meta­phys­i­cal uni­verses’ (orig. He­brew) (9)

5 Jewish rit­ual im­mer­sion pu­rity bath (He­brew) (5) 6 West Bank Pales­tinian ad­min­is­tra­tive city (8)

7 Third Man was com­pe­tent, re­port­edly be­fore he was mur­dered? (4)

8 Bi­b­li­cal hero­ine who foiled Ha­man, im­mers­ing his head in a chem­i­cal com­pound (6) 15 Jews of east Euro­pean ori­gin shake off Na­tional So­cial­ist mas­ter <and how we wish it had so hap­pened> (10)

16 Fa­mous Dutch girl and di­arist who was be­trayed in hid­ing to the Nazis (4,5) 18 Hold sa­cred and greatly ad­mire tea, never blended (8) 20 One’s im­mor­tal soul (He­brew) (8)

21 A joy­ful oc­ca­sion (He­brew) (6)

23 Ephraim’s sec­ond son (1 Chron. 7:25) (6)

24 Aim of Mus­lim pil­grims came un­stuck - Catholic in­ter­vened (5)

26 Story that’s long, lack­ing point? (4) HOW TO PLAY: Use the let­ter tiles from the game of Scrab­ble to spell out the an­swers to the clues be­low. Do not use the two blank tiles. Place the tiles on the Scrab­ble board ac­cord­ing to the grid ref­er­ences given with the clues. If you suc­cess­fully com­plete the puz­zle, you will have used all 98 tiles.


1D He writes in a notebook. (6)

1H It’s fair to say she’s this. (6)

1M He’s told to be­ware. (5)

2B It’s a one off. (6)

3J Top in­de­pen­dent man. (6)

6G Once upon a time. (9)

7N Can­didly out­spo­ken. (5)

8C Heard with thunder. (5)

8I Leave them ask­ing for more. (7)

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