Heath­cote Wil­liams

The Cop­u­la­tion of An­gels

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When Mil­ton spoke of the ‘cop­u­la­tion of an­gels’ And Lear said, ‘Let cop­u­la­tion thrive!’ They were prais­ing the way that the life-force Over­comes death with love’s sex­ual drive.

‘There’s lit­tle else that life can sup­ply,’ Said John Wilkes, the peo­ple’s tri­bune, ‘But a few good fucks and then we die.’ Leav­ing our dust in con­tin­u­ous mo­tion…

And who can prove that we don’t live beyond the grave As spir­i­tu­al­ized selves en­joy­ing vi­brant spasms – While other-worldly be­ings clus­ter round us to arouse us In a tran­scen­dent land of per­pet­ual or­gasms?

‘The Gen­ti­tals are Beauty,’ pro­claimed Wil­liam Blake And, when they merge in love’s fiery fever, It’s hard not to think that all’s right with the world; That these sit­u­a­tions will go on for­ever.

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