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There has to be an After­life

There has to be an after­life, since mat­ter Can nei­ther be cre­ated or de­stroyed. So, fear not, you’ll con­tinue. Ac­cord­ing to physics Your fu­ture pres­ence is def­i­nitely re­quired. Look, here’s an atom once breathed by Socrates; There’s an­other breathed by Van Gogh. In­hale deeply, you can morph into a Ne­an­derthal. Ev­ery sec­ond new af­ter­lives are kick­ing off. The physi­cist, Ilya Pri­gogine, be­lieved that atoms Make con­scious de­ci­sions in a con­scious ex­is­tence, En­abling the atomic thoughts in your head that are you To en­joy an im­mor­tal per­sis­tence. His the­ory means that the ‘now’ can go on for­ever, And that its swirling thought forms may linger - So es­sen­tial dis­til­la­tions of our sub­stance can be saved From their fall­ing vic­tim to fate’s fickle fin­ger. Does all this con­ceal a road-bump for athe­ists? Could it hide an in­con­ve­nient truth? Do in­vis­i­ble parts of our be­ing pos­sess En­crypted se­crets of eter­nal youth? When Vin­cent van Gogh was study­ing the Milky Way With can­dles perched on his hat He med­i­tated on each bil­lion-year-old shin­ing dot Spin­ning through the starry night. He be­lieved that the heav­ens were our fu­ture des­ti­na­tion And he de­clared, ‘we take death to reach a star.’ Now that there’s star­dust in ev­ery sin­gle cell of our body More mys­tery is added to know­ing who we are. But in be­reave­ment it’s a very great com­fort To those who are feel­ing dis­pos­sessed

To con­sider that those they’ve known who’ve died Have sim­ply changed their cos­mic ad­dress.

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