Fort Wil­liam sale ex­ceeds ex­pec­ta­tions

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A ‘FAN­TAS­TIC’ sale was held by Ding­wall and High­land Marts Ltd on Fri­day May 27 at the firm’s Fort Wil­liam centre.

A to­tal of 177 store cat­tle, 19 OTM cat­tle, 26 adult head of breed­ing cat­tle and 722 sheep went through the ring.

Bul­locks (86) av­er­aged 237.4p and sold to 342.9p per kilo for a 175kg Li­mousin cross from 2 Blaich, Fort Wil­liam, and £990 gross for a 460kg Aberdeen An­gus cross from 72 Ca­m­aghael, Fort Wil­liam and for a 415kg Li­mousin cross from 1 Kin­loid Ari­saig.

Heifers (91) av­er­aged 225.8p and sold to 432.0p per kilo for a 125kg Shorthorn cross from Carnoch Farm, Ard­gour, and £920 gross for a pen of 405kg Sim­men­tal crosses from Isle of Muck Farms, Isle of Muck and for a sin­gle 440kg Sim­men­tal cross also from Isle of Muck Farms.

OTM cows (19) av­er­aged 120.1p and sold to 149.5p per kilo for a 515kg Shorthorn cross from Ard­tor­nish Farms, Oban, and £970 gross for a 720kg Shorthorn cross from Moy Farm, Banavie.

Breed­ing cat­tle (26) sold to £1,420 gross for an Aberdeen An­gus cross cow with male calf at foot from Cluny Es­tates, New­ton­more.

Store lambs (409) sold to £67 gross for Che­viots from Mill­burn, Kil­choan.

Ewes with lambs at foot (102) sold to £158 gross for Mule ewes with twin Texel cross lambs at foot from Bal­ma­glaster (Cameron), Spean Bridge.

Feed­ing ewes (165) sold to £71 gross for Che­viots from Bal­ma­glaster (Cameron).

Feed­ing rams and wed­ders (46) sold to £76 gross a Texel from Bal­ma­glaster (Cameron).

A spokesman for Ding­wall and High­land Marts Ltd said: This was a fan­tas­tic show of cat­tle and sheep, met with a firm trade well ahead of ex­pec­ta­tions.’ Other lead­ing prices Bul­locks up to 200kg – 2 Blaich, £600, An­tuim Farm, Isle of Mull, 316.7p; 201-250kg – Ard­na­mur­chan Es­tates, Kil­choan, £730, 298p; 251-300kg – Ard­na­mur­chan Es­tates, £ 800, 296.3p; 301-350kg – Bal­ma­glaster (Cameron), £ 825, 72 Ca­m­aghael, 244.8p; 351- 400kg – Moy Farm, £930, Bal­ma­glaster, (Cameron), 246p; 401- 450kg – 1 Kin­loid, Ari­saig, £980, 238.6p; 451-500kg – Bal­macaan, Drum­nadro­chit, £940, 72 Ca­m­aghael, 215.2p.

Heifers up to 200kg – An­tuim Farm, £ 570, 285p; 201-250kg – Ard­na­mur­chan Es­tates, £630, 262.5p; 251-300kg – Ard­na­mur­chan Es­tates, £720, 271.7p; 301350kg – Ard­na­mur­chan Es­tates, £ 810, 261.3p; 351- 400kg – Isle of Muck Farms, £900, 232.4p; 401500kg – Glen­doe Es­tates, Fort Au­gus­tus, £910, Isle of Muck Farms, 227.2p. Other lead­ing prices per head: Cows with male calf at foot: AAX – Cluny Es­tates, £1,300; LimX – Al­tour Cot­tage, Spean Bridge, £1,100; BSH – Insh Farm, Spean Bridge, £1,080.

Cows with heifer calf at foot: AAX – Steall, Fort Wil­liam, £1,300; AAX – Cluny Es­tates, £1,250, (twice); LimX – Insh Farm, £1,020.

Breed­ing bull: AA – Steall, £1,420; Sim – Isle of Muck Farms, £1,350.

OTM prime and feed­ing cows: Traigh Farm, Ari­saig, (LimX), £ 870; Ard­tor­nish Farms, (AAX), £ 870; Moy Farm, (SimX), £ 870. Other lead­ing prices per kilo OTM prime and feed­ing cows: Moy Farm, (SimX), 134.9p; Moy Farm, (ShoX), 134.7p; Traigh Farm, (LimX) and Taigh Airigh, Blar­ma­c­foldach, (AAX) , 132.8p. Other lead­ing prices per head Lambs: Chev – Mill­burn, £65; TexX – Blargie Farm, Lag­gan, £62; SuffX – Ard Na Mara, Isle of Mull, £ 59; LlyX – 1 Kin­locheil, Fort Wil­liam, £ 57; BF – Croft No 8, Bal­macara and 6 Bracara, Mo­rar, £ 55; Cross – Ard Na Mara, £48; SWL – Ard­na­mur­chan Es­tates, £43.

Ewes with lambs at foot: Chev ewe – Dal­re­och, Roy Bridge, £140; Chev gmr – Steall, £130; LlyX ewe – 1 Kin­locheil, £105, BF ewe – East Croft Roy, New­ton­more, £102.

Feed­ing sheep: Ewes: SuffX – Isle of Muck Farms, £70; Chev – Ard Na Mara and Isle of Muck Farms, £69; LlyX – Steall, £65; Cross – Ken­tallen, Isle of Mull, £ 63.

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